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How to not make your screenshots look like shit using your camera swep.


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In this guide I'll be showing you how to set up a few lines of shit in your autoexec that will turn your camera swep into a screenshot machine. Also retains the "functionality" of being able to spam your camera click at people.

These lines of code (if you can call it code) will:
- Make your camera make a click sound and do nothing by default.
- Make it take extremely high res screenshots when F11 is pressed.
- When F11 is pressed, you will auto-whisper in chat what mode your camera is set to.
- Works in all gamemodes, not just DarkRP as its all built in Gmod stuff. (As long as you have the regular gmod_camera)

You can watch a video guide here.


Text guide:

Right-click Gmod on Steam. Click properties > Local Files > Browse.
Open the "garrysmod" folder and then the "cfg" folder. Open "autoexec.cfg" or create it if it doesn't already exist.

Paste the following into your autoexec:

alias jpeg
bind f11 jpegToggle1
alias jpegToggle1 "bind f11 jpegToggle2;alias jpeg "poster 8";say /w Set to poster mode."
alias jpegToggle2 "bind f11 jpegToggle1;alias jpeg " ";say /w Set to blank mode."

CTRL + S to save, and then go ahead and close notepad (or whatever text editor you're using).

Then, right click Gmod again, and paste " exec autoexec.cfg " into your LAUNCH OPTIONS.

If Gmod is already open, open your console and type " exec autoexec " and press enter to manually run your autoexec.

Now, pull out your camera and spam click to your heart's content. Yipee!
When you press F11 however, your character will auto-whisper in chat "Set to poster mode." This means your camera is ready to take some super duper pooper scooper screenies.

Left click and wait a moment, your game will bug out and freeze for a second. This is because it is taking a screenshot at 8x your game resolution, and then stitching it together into one big ultra high res image. You can change the multiplier in the code above. E.g "poster 8" will take screenshots at 8x your res. "poster 10" will take a screenshot at 10x your screen resolution. Thats a 19200x10800p screenshot if your monitor is 1080p!

All of these screenshots are stored in garrysmod > screenshots. (Game local files on Steam).

Keep in mind that when taking a poster screenshot, your nameplate and screenshot won't be visible, however chat will still be on screen and will be multiplied too so make sure your screen doesn't have any chat messages on screen before you take a screenshot.



(Alternatively skip all of this and just hold the camera out and type "poster {x}" in your console. But who cares, automation is fun. ...Right?)

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Update -

If you want to disable your chat, type this into your console;

hud_saytext_time 0

To re-enable chat, type this into your console;

hud_saytext_time 12


This command essentially changes how long chat messages appear in the corner. When you set it to 0 they show for zero seconds which is essentially just hiding chat at that point. The default is 12 but if you want chat messages to show for longer, or less time change the 12 to something else.

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