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  1. amfetamiin

    IGM reset?

    if roast or anyone on the qa team doesnt tell you, then you're probably not getting the actual limit
  2. amfetamiin

    IGM reset?

    if it's around the 2 billion mark as it seems to be from people whove lost their cash after going past 2 bil, it should be the 32-bit signed integer limit (same one as the runescape one) which is 2,147,483,647 pounds
  3. good luck to everyone STEAM_0:0:217113074
  4. 8 Gravedigging - If a thread has been inactive for 30 or more days it's considered 'dead' and should no longer be posted on without staff approval.
  5. if you mean the one on discord, it's what you need to link your steam account with the bot and then you're able to recieve the award and to be able to recieve any roles for special ranks
  6. You are 60% Explorer You are also: 60% Socialiser 40% Achiever 40% Killer
  7. the martingale system, there practically isnt any good betting system, you are better off not just gambling to keep your money (take it from me, ive done the martingale system before and ive lost so much more than i gained from it) (radon took my 150 mil 3-4 years ago)
  8. as the original owner and copyright holder of poopoo fart inc, i will require you to hand over compensation or face a lawsuit with the help of my lawyers @Bonk and @Relly
  9. i wish for the old days were @OoO was the most hated server member, now we just have the nice OoO which is boring ? also @Toast is kinda cool ig
  10. Although I haven't been on the server actively for a while, I still lurk on the forums and discord, and whenever I've seen bozos complaining or spamming or just being annoying assholes, @bigflip has always been there to remove these bad actors, and I am truly grateful for his activity and for being a splendid senior staff member. Besides our lord and saviour Jamie, I think bigflip is definitely in the top spot for my personal favorite senior staff due to how much of a nice guy he is and how he is doing his best to help out the community however he can.
  11. read your own fucking comment, "bozo".
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