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  1. The store revival 🙏
  2. You see Paul, I was doing a funny
  3. I wanna play turf on the chatbox gmod setting fr
  4. This is so sad. RIP uhhh shit what job was it again 💀
  5. GOD BLESS SPRINGATE (genuinely a hella dope dude) (Hi Sergio mate!!!! Ily :3333)
  6. Buy from this guy! Very good prices yes
  7. Dork is a silly fella who plays mostly CP (cringe) but he’s actually pretty cool and a great guy to talk to. Call him names if you see him in game! ❤️ U Dork
  8. Rebellion can build on the streets
  9. What the freak! They both mean the same thing. Some things just don’t get updated
  10. No, only those that have the “ability to act as hobo” bought and added to the job. This can be checked in !jobs or using the !stuff-insertcjhere in the Cloud Gaming Trading Discord ran by flip and other community figures
  11. Keepalive, the best worst gambler fuckin’ love him
  12. Basing: The Basics and Not So Basic By: SCxBeeKId I'm making this guide because I love building and I often see people making mistakes or people who want to build and have great ideas but just don't know quite where to start. Today I'll be showing my thoughts and my sort of process when building a base and just giving pointers for all prop limits. Essential Props and Materials When making a base and looking at other bases you'll often start to see a pattern with the props that people use. These are gonna be the props you'll use most often and that I personally recommend. Models/props_wasteland/interior_fence002b.mdl (Used for fading doors) Models/props_wasteland/interior_fence001c.mdl (Used for walls of entrance hallway) Models/props_phx/construct/metal_plate2x4.mdl (Explosive Proof) Models/props_phx/construct/metal_plate4x4.mdl (Explosive Proof) models/props_building_details/Storefront_Template001a_Bars.mdl (Most common one way) models/props_c17/FurnitureTable002a.mdl (Used to check for 2x2 on fences) Materials There are materials a lot of people use that just look really clean. I recommend using these. models/debug/debugwhite (Used on most props. Best used with a color) models/gibs/metalgibs/metal_gibs (Used commonly on props that aren't used for shooting windows) [users choice] models/wireframe (Used on fence props combined with color of choice) The Precision Tool I often find that not alot of people really understand the precision tool and how to use it. Specifically today I want to explain the difference between having the Push/Pull as Percent (%) of Target's Depth box checked off and not having it checked. When you take the single small cube prop for example. One of those cubes is a PHX. It's what I use as a form of measurement when building. Say you check the box off and set it to 100. If you push/pull it will move relative to that of it's own model and size. So if you move it with the box checked off and at 100% it will move as if you stackered it. An exact PHX in whichever direction you push/pull it in. If you did the same thing but did it at 50% then it would move only half the distance of it's size. So you would say it moved 0.5 PHX. When the box isn't checked I'm unsure what it moves the props in relevance too. But it moves it farther at smaller and bigger measurements. When you have the box checked that should be used for precision movements. Color Tool The Color Tool is very simple. However I want to point out the transparency slider as some don't realize it's really there or what it even does. When looking at this image direct your eyes to where you see the slider where the color fades and you start seeing the checker pattern. That is the transparency slider. The lower you slide it the more you will be able to see through the prop and the more the color fades. As well, the bottom number value that you see on the screenshot is the value for the transparency. You can type in there to adjust it with better precision. With that all being said and understood, lets move on to my thoughts and tips for the different prop limits. Prop Limit 40-45 Users who first join the server or just got the 40 tokens for their first prop pack will understand that it's tough at this stage. But it doesn't mean you can't make usable and defendable bases. When having such a low prop limit you should be building in much smaller areas. There are great areas for 40-45 prop bases all around fountain specifically which is where I will be putting my focus today. I have a 45 prop base for right outside spawn that works well and is good for people to be able to learn from. It's an early and pretty scuffed build of mine but you will be able to get a good understanding of the mechanics of basing from this. https://imgur.com/a/y87lgs0 (Tried limiting screenshots cuz attachment space sucks!) This is a pretty simple base that you can learn a bit from that I will drop the download to. ---------- Download ---------- fountain_ats_left_of_alley_scx_v3.txt ------------------------------- 50 / 55 / 60 Prop Limit This limit is where people start to feel a lot more comfortable and you can do a lot with this size. You definitely get to be a bit more creative and original with your builds as a result. With 50 / 55 / 60 props you should be building in a bit bigger areas. Places like industrial and sewers. Now I have a base in sewers that I'm going to show you. https://imgur.com/a/wicjuIX This base is actually I believe 45 props because I have not taken the time to update it. But this is a good example on what a 50 at least prop SHOULD look like. A lot more defenses compared to the previous 45 one. With more props this base will look a lot better. ---------- Download ---------- sewers_garage_scx_v1.txt --------------------------------------- 75 Prop Limit You did it, you finally got to 75 props. 75 is where you finally have complete freedom and liberty to do whatever the fuck you'd like to do. You can be insanely creative with this and you can make some kickass dupes. Sadly I've only made a few but I made one where a previous one was shown that I like which I will be posting to show you kinda what I'm talking about with the creativity. https://imgur.com/a/c6YAu7F ---------- Download ---------- fountain_left_of_alley_75_scx_v1.txt ------------------------------------- More Dupes To Use For Reference / Just To Use ---------- Download ---------- fountain_sub_hotel_scx_verified_v1.txt (55) fountain_shop_v1 fixed.txt (75) shop_mini_base_scx_v1.txt (55) dumpster_alley_scx_v1.txt (55) ------------------------------------- Closing Statements This guide may not be the most detailed really but I just wanted to make something new and sorta up to date compared to other guides that new players and even current players can look at and learn/take inspiration from. Thank You to all that have read this guide God Bless - SCxBeeKid
  13. I’ve only come back to CG for like I believe 2 months now. It’s been an absolute blast playing again because I’ve had the opportunity to meet new folks and reconnect with old ones too. Kivines - You know people stereotype Canadians being overly nice which is definitely true with Kivines. He’s a really friendly guy and is an absolute great guy to talk to and be around. Love you brother LoquaciousRy - Ryan is a fucking G. He comes off prickish to some but if you get to know the lad he’s a great guy. Very down to earth and respectful guy that is a blast to be around. He’s a very funny guy too so if you see him in game give him a shout. Jomano - This guy is a complete bozo I hate this guy. But he’s pretty cool sometimes! Genuinely though he’s a very funny guy who is a great man to sit and hang around in a base and chill with. (He’s also pretty decent at US geography) Amfetamiin - Easily one of the best admins I’ve ever seen and most definitely a great guy to talk to in a base. Base with him from time to time and he’s great. (Use a different dupe that’s literally anything but Paul’s shack for once oh my god) David - He’s resigned from staff recently and kinda taken a step back but David is an awesome guy. Genuinely a really funny guy who’s a little bit of a knobhead. Much love David David Quental - David Quental is the Top G of CG and cannot be beat by any other player. Not even following the meme, I fucking love David. He’s actually a really funny guy when you chat to him. God Bless David Quental William - He’s an absolute nerd and a new fella (your playtime in 2018 doesn’t count in my eyes) but he’s a great base mate and is a good conversation Faith - Fuck this guy (ily bro) Lewis Joseph - Actually the nicest fucker. (He calls me a slut and he’s a little bitch) He also loves the same band I do so he’s awesome!! Greeny - I actually don’t talk to greeny much or know him personally but he’s a great guy and a great help when I need something when I’m staffing. Bless you mate 🙏 Camille - He’s actually a lad I knew from before my long break. He still invited me to TBE and we chilled hella. Got nothing but love and respect for you mate. Springate - Absolute bozo casino manager main (is actually really nice. If you see him in game give him a shout)
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