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  1. The store revival 🙏
  2. You see Paul, I was doing a funny
  3. I wanna play turf on the chatbox gmod setting fr
  4. This is so sad. RIP uhhh shit what job was it again 💀
  5. GOD BLESS SPRINGATE (genuinely a hella dope dude) (Hi Sergio mate!!!! Ily :3333)
  6. Buy from this guy! Very good prices yes
  7. Dork is a silly fella who plays mostly CP (cringe) but he’s actually pretty cool and a great guy to talk to. Call him names if you see him in game! ❤️ U Dork
  8. Rebellion can build on the streets
  9. What the freak! They both mean the same thing. Some things just don’t get updated
  10. No, only those that have the “ability to act as hobo” bought and added to the job. This can be checked in !jobs or using the !stuff-insertcjhere in the Cloud Gaming Trading Discord ran by flip and other community figures
  11. Keepalive, the best worst gambler fuckin’ love him
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