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  1. IG Name: WeedBender Selling: Rebellion & Chief Inspector Description: picture added below Price: 20£ each you pay fee. Payment method(s) paypal. Other comments: if you buy both you can get discount.
  2. Selling IG Name: Rej3ctz Selling: Chief Inspector Description: selling custom jobs Price: Blaze SOLD. Chief Inspector SOLD Payment method(s) paypal Other comments: you can pm me on forum, or on discord, for more info Rej3ctz#3655 Overview: Chief Inspector is a CP job that is ranked higher then the SWAT leader. "SAVAGE" Abilities: 175 Armor Camo swep Bhop Swep Climb Swep Magic Sword Police Shield Disguise kit Stunstick Weapon checker Arrest/unarrest stick Battering ram Guns: G36 AWP Ithaca M37 Blaze: You can base and raid with anyone. You may not enforce the law Guns: Ithacam37 Shotgun, Double barrel Shotgun, USAS Shotgun, Pancor Jackhammer Shotgun, Hl2 Revolver, M82 Barret Sniper, HK SL8 Automatic Sniper, Tar21 Assault Rifle, Val Assault Rifle, MP5SD SMG, Minigun, M60 Machine gun, EX41 Grenade launcher. Sweps: Magic Sword, 100 Armor, Climb Swep, Bhop Swep, Hack-phone, Camouflage, Unarrest baton, Disguise, Police shield, Lockpick, Keypad cracker, Medkit, Fists Abilities: Mining pickaxe, "Bitcoin miners" equipment, "Special arms dealer" equipment, "Meth Cook" Equipment, "Moonshine brewer" equipment, DJ equipment, Spawns armor charger, Grows Weed, Take Hits, Raids PD, Raids Bank, Can be hired as a guard, Can mug for a max of £10,000, Can kidnap, Builds on street
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