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  1. Skins are only tradable, so if you would like to sell it - you will need to find a player to sell it too.
  2. What area? Whats your PC specs? Running the 64 bit version of the game can help. Also setting gmod_mcore_test 1 in console. In the F4 menu you want all FPS options disabled (apart from multicore) for better FPS
  3. Your Staff is Corrupt. I want to speak with you now, or compliant

    1. Noseian


      Make a staff complaint

  4. Updated to be in line with new system. Blue = CP/Terrorist only spots.
  5. Wanna be my boyfriend?

  6. Quality Assurance Team What is the QA team? The QA team is a special group of people who aide in producing all of Cloud Gaming’s addons and updates. This is by testing mainly but also idea formulation. QA team is also how you can progress to the gameplay design team which involves much more idea formulation and implementation of new features, addons and overall updates. QA team get paid in tokens. QA team are not staff members, nor hold any authority more than a regular user. How do I join? You can join by applying on the main thread found here. Who is on the QA team? amfetamiin Eidovski Rubymite Chen David dork Immersel Hydra Not Ali oosna Pensive Waste dorc79 SCxBeeKid Tesco Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes YeID Gameplay Design Team What is the GD team? The GD team is a step up from QA. GD team oversees QA, tests with them and performs managerial tasks such as helping new QA members get setup, responding to suggestions, responding to support tickets etc. GD team also plays a big role in formulating updates and ideas. GD team are not staff members, nor hold any authority more than a regular user. How do I join? You must be in QA and selected manually. Who is on the GD team? Sprickles Slayer RzVibration Warmchoccy 15inb Relly OoO (natsirt) Oaky Tangy Symmij Panda Greeny Chris Duck
  7. Its fixed for next restart. I probably won't write an update log for this change but after 6AM GMT tomorrow, it will be live. I added a confirmation box to skills respec and I also made it factor in token store bought SP.
  8. m9k_luger > m9k_model627 m9k_m249lmg > bb_galil m9k_ak47 > m9k_scar
  9. roast

    Tokens missing

    PM me your paypal email and steamid please.
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