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    Turtle,leon stark and warmchoccy

    @[email protected] Stark and @warmchoccy are all really active and always od. They always sort any problems out and responds quick. There all great staff.
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    Toast and Oaky

    These two are doing an amazing job, I'd say both get promotions as they are both doing an amazing job @[email protected]
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    Toast and Oaky

    L I E S
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    Leon Stark

    Turtle,leon stark and warmchoccy

    Thank you for supporting me and my colleagues. We are hard at work in improving player experience and serving the community.
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    Toast and Oaky

    Trust me, they weren't fun :^) Thanks jtw, you totally do not give me autism
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    Toast and Oaky

    Thank you so much dude, I miss the frequent events you hosted. <3
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    @Jake Innit Phat
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    RzVibration's Store

    Stickman slot sold to @aza10119
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