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  1. _RzVibration

    Buying Baldy

    this is a good chance for a baldy slot owner to gain some actual clout
  2. BUMP - Added m9k_barret_m82
  3. BUMP - Added m9k_mp5sd - Updated listings
  4. BUMP - Swapped m9k_minigun for m9k_ares_shrike - Swapped m9k_browningauto5 for m9k_jackhammer - Lowered price of Exile to £35 - Updated listings
  5. BUMP - Updated listings
  6. Step 1: put the shit in Step 2: press e on the shit that shits out Step 3: start over
  7. BUMP Underground Predator ownership has now been sold
  8. i think it has magic sword and bhop but im not sure since ive got them both perma
  9. BUMP Added Underground Predator ownership (£30) Updated listings
  10. for that price range rebellion is your best bet. not many people would sell you baldy that cheap
  11. bindtoggle key cg_thirdperson i think or its cga_thirdperson cant remember
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