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  1. _RzVibration

    Physguns/Gravgun wont show

    maybe uninstall all your addons, see if that helps
  2. _RzVibration

    RzVibration's Store

    BUMP Susan
  3. _RzVibration

    RzVibration's Store

  4. _RzVibration

    Exchange service

    saint noseian 🤡
  5. _RzVibration

    Custom Jobs

  6. _RzVibration

    Reset caused token problems, and didn

    just be patient
  7. _RzVibration

    Custom Jobs

    updated (apart from a few which i dont know so put them below and ill change them)
  8. _RzVibration

    RzVibration's Store

    i think the form was never done. the items were on executioner and when we decided to make it into ace we never remade the form so ya
  9. _RzVibration

    RzVibration's Store

    m9k_ied_detonator is temporarily unavailable due to a bug, just so you know
  10. _RzVibration

    Is there a way I could bind bhop_swep to a key?

    try +use bhop_swep
  11. _RzVibration

    Is there a way I could bind bhop_swep to a key?

    yes there is
  12. _RzVibration

    Buy soldier cj

  13. _RzVibration

    RzVibration's Store

    BUMP Sold Crugger ownership Updated listings
  14. _RzVibration

    Weird muzzle flash/texture

    ok i think i found it. follow this in your files https://gyazo.com/5013a3f292206591b57098c2ae923c1e then find the file called client.vdf with notepad++. you can open it with normal notepad but it makes it more difficult to find what you need which is below https://gyazo.com/2b9cc803fcc74b7885c576d663ff6fec try set the gaseffect to 0 and see if that helps. if not then idk
  15. _RzVibration

    Weird muzzle flash/texture

    maybe go to your m9k files and change the muzzle flash to 0. ill see if i can find it