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  1. Noseian

    I have gman

    €20 incl fee x
  2. Noseian

    Selling Gman for IGM

    Shit post. Please remove/lock.
  3. Noseian

    Updated Job Rules List

    No bother tagging @Turtle mr inactive!
  4. Noseian

    Selling Rebellion Slot

    Please buy it. He is going to buy Boney 💰
  5. Noseian

    Cataclysm`s Store

  6. Noseian

    Cataclysm`s Store

    Only bought it so you removed the disrespect to my little boney
  7. Aight sir, let me have it for 25, other guy wont repsond

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Noseian


      I’m trying to sort something. I’ll reply tomorrow 

    3. Officer Bob

      Officer Bob

      i just need your mail, then you just fill out a quick form?

    4. Officer Bob

      Officer Bob

      He responded i'll just get it off him. i just want to get it as fast as possible.

  8. Noseian

    Noseian's Trading Store

    Change log: Added Ducky Co-Ownership because it was cheap as fuck
  9. Bro could you do 23 pound?

    1. Officer Bob

      Officer Bob

      3 pounds more then you originally asked for :)

  10. Noseian

    Selling Rebellion

  11. Noseian

    Selling Rebellion

    Not sure yet. Need to sort things. Sorry
  12. Noseian

    Selling Rebellion

    Love a little tease 😈💧💧🙈
  13. Noseian

    Selling Rebellion

    Lemme see what i can do first. Sorry to get your hopes up.
  14. Noseian

    Selling Rebellion

    I can sell you one for £20 if you wanted
  15. Noseian

    Danny do dah

    Just like to recomend my boy @DC . Menotred me a few times and i've reported him a few times. And he's not been demoted yet. Plus he's a good Admin+ so give him SA now yes. Okay thank you. If DC doesn't get SA im quitting.