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  1. One thing I will ensure is if I get it then you will receive RASTA MAN sales. My ID STEAM_0:0:628881238 RASTA MAN on top
  2. I see where your coming from. But what i say about medo is all honesty and I would not be lying because this does not benefit me in any way or form.
  3. Ayo bro did you find the kid that got humped by humpty dumpty ?
  4. I would like to recommend @Medo230 because he is a kind-hearted person who can manage hate well and would most likely be fit for mod I believe this because we are in the same gang and I have seen how he acts and manages things some might say he is perfect for mod actually I personally never seen him be banned yea sounds shocking I don't know about the others but I have not seen him banned since the day I've started playing. Moreover, since we are in the same gang I can see that he can follow the rules and not be a careless person he has not got 1 strike in TBE (The black eagles) so I just think he is someone worth your respect and time. -ogtheottoman
  5. This man is a brilliant Admin he has helped in sits a lot by helping mods in any way he can when needed he is kind and does not get angered quickly has common sense and I saw him recently making sure a mod does not get striked by stepping in sweet could have just waited for the mod to make a mistake and get a strike but instead he did something about the situation and helped him. Great admin overall and I believe deserves a promotion if he wants one.
  6. Hello, there lads so I have an idea what I was thinking was that if tokens are added to trading it would impact the trading system significantly. Also, tokens should be added to trading because some people might not have money but they might have tokens and they might wanna pay with that this benefits people that are buying and the people that are selling so it is a win-win situation for both people and this will make it easier for people to get new items in the server or get stuff in the token store quicker. I know some people will be against this idea and some will not be either way it is a great new way of trading overall. Thank you for reading this -ogtheottoman
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