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  1. It's no longer lobotomite @MadMan wth man
  2. you are still gonna get double barrel'd on turf btw
  3. we all know you are the caravan master mate no need to flex
  4. ong bro well well well if it isn't mr bob being rude as usual sameeeeeeeeeee why aren't you hating with them!!!
  5. mate get on and then ask for money!!!!
  6. Words cannot explain how lovely this is W moment in CG history
  7. aight five million sounds about right
  8. sending 50mil your way our beloved head of mentoring god bless the bias you know the rules
  9. I did rig his mentoring and he paid me 100 million dollars irl
  10. bless up g thanksss will still rdm you.
  11. BigKillers

    Rank problem..

    Have you tried doing !checkrank again? If so try doing that should work and yes Ultimate VIP is a rank on forum you should have
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