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  1. w mans but you spelt my name wrong
  2. Hazard

    Console Commands

    Hello welcome!! I'll be showing console commands. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to dance So the first one will be on act [Animations]. open console by pressing ` or F10 then type act [Animations] for example act dance (it will make you dance) on the list below you could type any animation you would like for example act robot or anything else! or you could just do this by simply getting your keys out and pressing R -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how to disable the gmod crosshair If there is a crosshair that looks like this or this you can disable it by opening console by pressing ` or F10 then type hud_draw_fixed_reticle 0 if you want it back change the 0 to a 1 you can use CG's crosshair instead by pressing f4 turning this on then customizing it by this -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to see your ping/fps Open console by pressing ` or F10 then type net_graph 1 like this it will show your fps and ping on the bottom right corner. (don't mind my bad ping and fps) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to change your scroll wheel speed Open console by pressing ` or F10 then type physgun_wheelspeed [number] for example It will make your scroll wheel speed faster when dragging props or anything else. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to change your physgun color Open console by pressing ` or F10 then type cl_weaponcolor [R] [G] [B] you could see some cool physgun colors under this By Chr1ssY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to toggle voice chat Open console by pressing ` or F10 and you could see the commands on the link under this by DILF Kami -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to bind to use guns or say something Open console by pressing ` or F10 then type bind [key] "use [something]" for example binding bhop bind x "use bhop_swep" it looks like this or you could use any key you would like instead of x You could even bind saying something for example bind [key] "say [something]" for example it could be like you could also bind kill for example and once you press the bind it will work 😎 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to unbind and list of your binds Open console by pressing ` or F10 then type key_listboundkeys to list all your binded binds. It looks like this Unbinding keys Open up console and type unbind [key] for example and it unbinds the key you could also do USE IT AT UR OWN RISK and it unbinds everything ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's all!! Thanks for reading and DM me on discord if you need help. My discord is hzdr BYE!!! 👋
  3. Hazard

    Citizen+ Store

    noooo ace gun:((
  4. Hazard

    Jonas' CJ store

    these are rly cheap but don for 35 is crazy
  5. It gives me an alert saying "specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct."
  6. He's a great guy, helps a lot and very funny.
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