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  1. Yeah I didn't see the link when hovering mb, just tried to be extra helpful to u
  2. there is also this post here
  3. Oh my bad, just hadn't seen it due to it not being marked. Sorry
  4. Does Baldy not also have IED?
  5. JonasRV

    Custom Jobs

    oh. Then who is it?
  6. JonasRV

    Custom Jobs

    Aint it warmachine?
  7. I don't agree kappa Spooder get spood
  8. I would like to recommend Ice cube, because I'm very good friends with him (even though we have some nationalistic rivalry Swedish meatball) as he joined back recently we began playing again and we both applied for mod, but way back in the day i used to have some problems (most old people would know) and Ice always helped me out when I was down or was just not in a good mood, and he has to be the best friend i've ever had here on cg (no offense to others) but holy shit there's been times he's been the best person in the world for me Thank you for reading this post, Your Sincerely -JonasRV (and best swedish mod fyi)
  9. JonasRV

    Holm's Store

    I think i might buy. PM me on steam
  10. JonasRV

    Radon's Store

    I buy gman, yes? @Radontrax1
  11. What can he do though? He’s a Turtle . I mean other than being a good admin
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