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  1. Havent really updated this in a while but added Crossbow, TMP, MP9, Take hits, Mug, Rob PD/bank, Crowbar, contender, unarrest baton, lockpick, keypad cracker Removed F2000
  2. nice STEAM_0:1:59730908
  3. Now selling everything in this store, prices has been posted. Major has been updated with Raid PD/Bank and unarrest baton. Major ownership up for sale, offer.
  4. might not play on the server that much anymore, but im still on once in a while and i do check forums/discord
  5. dude i've not seen a single reb sell for 20 in the past 6 months, most have been 5-15 quid like it does not average 20
  6. Yeah bought it off Clem a few weeks back
  7. I have now added Itacha37 and Ability to grow weed to Major
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