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  1. Oh my bad, just hadn't seen it due to it not being marked. Sorry
  2. Does Baldy not also have IED?
  3. JonasRV

    Marine CJ

    @Tamajok directly from @Agent store Marine Slots Description Marine is a CP custom job Meant to deal with highly dangerous individuals and to free downtown from the Criminals grasp Weapons: Tar21, Jackhammer, Aw50, Mp5sd, m9k_m16a4_acog, m9k_winchester1897 SWEPS: Arrest/unarrest baton, Battering ram, Weapon checker, Stunstick, Magic sword, Disguise, Bhop swep, climb swep, Police shield Abilities: Swat Rules, 100 armor
  4. JonasRV

    Selling Exile

    BUMP -Lowered pricec to £37
  5. JonasRV

    Selling Exile

    IG Name: X112 JonasSelling: Exile slotDescription: You get the Custom Job to the specified ID you provide me withPrice: £37Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments:I pay the fee
  6. I get exile good deal yes
  7. JonasRV

    Custom Jobs

    oh. Then who is it?
  8. JonasRV

    Custom Jobs

    Aint it warmachine?
  9. I don't agree kappa Spooder get spood
  10. Oh sure, give me the place to send
  11. https://gyazo.com/04fb36f9f8af3d424e5690ce410e7c53 They don't take igm https://gyazo.com/9dba9857c94c20de1881432bf60f2558
  12. IG Name: Sir Jonas R vee Buying: Any CJ Description: Looking to pay: ATM I've got 130mil IGM but hmu with a price and I'll get it Payment method(s)igm Other comments: I pay the fee
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