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  1. Tangy

    Dancer store.

    Yeah changed it to the m9k m249, forgot to add cheers!
  2. Tangy

    Dancer store.

    Dancer Description: @Tangy Knees weak Weapons: Ithaca - M14 - AK47 - Contender - Jackhammer - Steyr AUG - TMP - M249 SWEPS: Climb Swep - Bhop swep - Magic Sword - Unarrest baton - Hack Phone - Keypad Cracker - HL2 Medkit - Pickaxe Abilities: 100 Armour - Take Hits - Mug people - Raid PD/Bank - DJ Equipment - Grow Weed (PRICE)£40 © Template by Lemze 2022 ®
  3. You are 87% Killer 40% Socialiser 40% Achiever 33% Explorer
  4. I was thinking about making one of these, now I don't have to! Thanks bean head
  5. Hey thanks a bunch man, was a pleasure dealing with your reports!
  6. Tangy

    Brute+ Store

    We drippin out here dog
  7. This is a actual offer, i will give you 100 for it
  8. Tangy

    Tangy's store

    Selling IG Name: tangy Selling: Gman Description: Price: £35 (including fee) Payment method(s): Bank transfer Other comments: jake is a twat
  9. Tangy


    lmfao im famous YES
  10. Tangy


    guys wtf cmon hahahahah
  11. Tangy


    Thanks so much man, really means alot! <3
  12. Yeah hes been having a rough atm, nice to see you have made a post roast. Guys just try and help jamie out as much as possible and maybe drop him a pm or something showing support
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