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  1. To those following- hope you all are having a great start of the week

  2. @Classy - Are you referring to the Steam tab being absent or the Options drop-down menu?
  3. Don't ever reject an offering of tea. For one, it's impolite, and two, it starts wars

  4. OMG! Did anyone else notice how Cloud Gaming's logo actually looks like a cloud?! Hah, wow!.......oh wait..

  5. If that wasn't redundant
  6. Regarding the first question, I would like to make it clear that you are not allowed to "break" fading doors - AKA exploiting the fade trigger to keep doors open indefinitely.
  7. Frequently, my plate has been filling up in a less appreciative manner, and it is without doubt that I am less active playing on the server. No fret gentlemen, for I still retain the limitless ability to browse the forums and mailings to compensate for! Now, should you require my assistance in-game for personal matters, we may plan accordingly to of which benefits your needs as long as we keep each other up to date via messaging!

    You may find my contact information within my About Me section - leave me a lil' note in my inbox, and I'm sure to ping you back



  8. Updated About Me - free cookies! [8/29]

  9. @guy with the glasses Thank you! I'll make sure to keep up the good work indeed! I've been hit in the feels!
  10. @guy with the glasses Regardless if there is a general guide already, Thank you for sharing a more quick and specific guide with the community.
  11. About Me added - 7/16