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    Blanice for A+. ShrimpChamp
  2. This is very comon, I once lost a P90 because it glitched through the floor and disappeared.
  3. Dash

    Flips Guide PSA

    If you dont want to watch the whole video you can skip to 5:50. This video explains how to get profit gambling with the Martingale Bet sistem. In the coin flipping part, the flips are 50/50 as natsirt and squidward said, but there is still a chance of getting unlucky and losing 10 flips in a row (like in the example given in the video) So, talking from experience, if you winning a lot of flips in a row, I would recommend start lowering the ammount of money you flipping after 3 or 4 flips winned in a row as the possibilities of you winning are getting lower, but if you want a lot of money and you dont lower the ammount of cash you bet and you lose, I wouldnt double the ammount of money you lost because it is likely to be a losing streak and you will end up losing everything. This being said, the last advice I will give you is; if you dont know when to stop gambling, then don't gamble or just gamble small ammounts of money because you will lose everything. I know this from experience.
  4. Dash

    I can't open my cases

    i didnt close the store quickly at all, i just stood there and it wasnt doing nothing for 3 minutes so i closed the store and tried with the hats one and it did the same thing
  5. Dash

    I can't open my cases

    I bought this 2 cases (Poor mans case and hats case), i got my tokens removed but i cant open them or sell them, i don't know what to do. Photo: https://imgur.com/a/Oyuwp2A
  6. Dash

    Moonshine Guide

    Well... I want you to know that you are jealeous because when i kms i dont lose money, and also you are right.
  7. Dash

    Moonshine Guide

    You got a problem with ppl with low igm?
  8. thanks for this guide
  9. Is there a new link for the CSS Content Addon? It isnt working right now
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