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  1. Just be patient and wait for roast to respond. He is the only one that manages in-game purchases.
  2. £25 and you got yourself a deal.
  3. Courier

    Eskimo's Store

    Hi Avionix! I agree
  4. Courier

    selling brute

    £35 you got urself a deal
  5. Lol forgot I made this. Updated cj names now lol
  6. Selling Jeramy Clarksons soldier and my gman. Please pm me for prices
  7. Courier

    fake's Store

    This thread has been inactive for over a year. 8 Gravedigging - If a thread has been inactive for 30 or more days it's considered 'dead' and should no longer be posted on without staff approval.
  8. @Slayer can sell you a marine slot.
  9. Courier

    Selling Brute

    £35 and u got yourself a deal
  10. Sold baldy, Gman is still up for grabs
  11. selling all of them for £40
  12. Bought gman and baldy lol
  13. Good luck! @ImmerselExcited to play Baldy Custom Job after a hard day of year 9
  14. Sprickles new rebellion co-owner! :Salute: