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  1. Still selling Deputy slots. Pm me if you are intersted. (Only selling 5 more slots.) Soldier up on sale if you are interested please pm me.
  2. Update again agent 47 is now Chaos. ok kid
  3. Update: Blaze changed to agent 47
  4. I was wondering about my custom job Deputy. It has an armour charger. Unfortunatly it has the Original one for Current CJ's that have them (Agent 47 - Gman - Rebellion and Cyrax) My question is would there be any way to get the one used for swat medic? Just a question.
  5. Interested in a crusader slot. Check inbox
  6. Big up NIG gang get my donny some CJs
  7. Courier

    Logan's Store

    I think he has already sold it.
  8. CTSFO Changelog. 21/08/20 -Added HK SL8! -Changed the Model, Colour and name. CTSFO is now known as Deputy!
  9. Lowerd Price on Chief Inspector to £15 Including fees.
  10. He is a great member of team. Improving along the way. I believe he deserves an upcoming promotion. He deserves it!
  11. CTSFO Changelog. 19/08/20 -Added Ithaca m37 Pump Shotgun -Added MP5SD SMG. Active next restart!
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