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  1. The price of boney is now £45. Pm me if you are interested in a slot.
  2. Courier

    Lux's purchases

    You’d wanna contact @Sprickles he normally has cj ownerships for sale
  3. Courier

    Mod rank on forums.

    The reason for why you do not have the moderator rank is because your steam account on your forums account isn't the same steam account you have in-game Go to here and click settings then click on steam intergration and then sign out and then sign in with the steam account you have moderator in game.
  4. Boney Changelog 09/04/2021 -Changed the colour to a more lighter red.
  5. Rest in piece crusader! Now engage prostitute!
  6. Interested in major. Slide me a PM
  7. Don’t worry my disposable income is no more
  8. Boner changelog 24/03/2021 -Replacing HL2 shotgun due to slot owners feedback to the Usas -Replacing scoped taurus cause of how horrendious it is to Damascus sword And now. Boner is now known as Boney again. Slightly upped the brightness of the colour but none the less boney is back sorta. Active next restart
  9. Boner changelog 23/03/2021 -Added M9k_Scoped_Taurus Active next restart
  10. Added Ace and Private Military (CP)
  11. Boner changelog 20/03/2021 Unfortunatly @Ryan Big Pipi has stepped down from him being an owner of Boner Custom job. We are not really that desperate at the moment for new Co-Owners of the CJ but if anyone is intersted in undertaking this opportunity please pm @Courier @Radec or @SlutJacky
  12. Off we go to the pits lads! @Rhys @PedoInSpeedos @DC @Immersel
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