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  1. Update: Custom Job is now Soldier.
  2. this is literally good cj with potential! gl!!
  3. Wacky Buy Soldier for 45 today
  4. Courier

    Spizor's Store

    Nice store mr egyptian
  5. Added Chief Inspector and Soldier!
  6. Sold private military to @Kirufureimu
  7. Courier

    Logan's Store

    POGGERS DEAL POGGERS DEAL good store would 100% recommend buying from this man.
  8. Bigflip is a great Administator+ and is doing a great job overall, also one of the lads that I used to play with when I first joined.
  9. Added Private Military!
  10. @15inb @Sprickles @Riph @JamieB @Ice Cube - This can be locked now
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