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  1. Buying IG Name: Courier Buying: CJ Ownership or Co ownership Description: Looking to own and sell slots. Looking to pay: £70 - 120 Payment method(s) paypal Other comments:
  2. Courier

    How to buy vip

    Type !store in-game. If you are looking to buy tokens for VIP here. https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/darkrp/store.php
  3. Buying IG Name: Courier Buying: Any CJ Description: Looking for a basing CJ (Most likely rebellion) Looking to pay: IGM Payment method(s) Paypal - You pay fee Other comments: Pm me on discord or underneath this thread if you got an offer
  4. Happy birthday to mr @Ice Cube my Sweden friend
  5. Ares_Shrike Pancor_Jackhammer And it also has an MP5SD
  6. Courier

    Sold everything

    @Cpt Price Interested in buying Gman.
  7. Courier

    Baldy job price

    £1.25 not going any higher.
  8. Courier

    Courier's Store

    Update: Boney now has police shield love you @Zabiehunter and @Noseian
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