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  1. "Cmon man I was hungry"
  2. Slav is a wetty but he's a good lad ❤️
  3. You guys are reading into it too much. Its 50/50 in money/token flips.
  4. You can get VIP by waiting in game for tokens or just buying them from the store.
  5. Try doing !checkrank in chat or check_rank in console.
  6. I’ll give you £30
  7. Courier

    hnood's store

    Nice store and hope to see you around hnood ❤️ - Love from clem (courier)
  8. Courier


    You just get tokens from playtime. if you are a user its around 90 minutes for 1 token. Vip is 80 minutes and Ultvip is 70 minutes. (Afking will double this time) He's asked other than buying
  9. It wouldn't be the first time I can make a decent deal. Maybe around the 100's range.
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