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  1. Sold prostitute to lemuro
  2. Bought rebellion from konstans and chief inspector from logan.
  3. Sold baldy slot. Still selling a soldier and a prostitute slot
  4. You should slide roast a message on the forums. He should be able to sort it out for you.
  5. Courier

    Selling CJ's

    How much for a V slot mr Abbyonix?
  6. Courier


    Buying IG Name: CG l Courier Buying: Soldier slot Description: n/a Looking to pay: £30 - £35 Payment method(s) Paypal Only Other comments: n/a
  7. Courier

    looking for a gang!

    Contact @Drunkasspony he can give you an proposition in The Chill House
  8. Replaced M82 for Scar - Replaced AK74 for M14 - Replaced Remington870 for P90. Also not selling full ownership anymore due to Neko and Radec changed their minds about selling. I am still selling my part if anyone is interested.
  9. sold private military
  10. Boney Full ownership is now up for sale. Pm me
  11. Selling Choas and Rogue. Pm me quite cheap.
  12. Courier

    Buying CJ

    Aye, I don't mind buying a spare slot for future reference if you are going to sell it.
  13. Courier

    Buying CJ

    Ah cool thanks for letting me know, Not going to buy a job thats being stripped though,