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  1. Thinking about changing it to £20
  2. Buying IG Name: Courier Buying: Chief inspector Description: Good CP custom job Looking to pay: £20 Payment method(s) paypal Other comments: pm me for my discord
  3. also. Stop calling me a wanker when OD
  4. these two are just funny as fuck tbh as @Ryan likes to metagame through discord and @Radec likes to massrp still two great guys xoxo
  5. Courier

    Courier's Store

    Lowerd steven price
  6. Courier

    Courier's Store

    ♬ Welcome ♬ EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD @Riph or @DC please delete
  7. Bought this CJ and even for one day it’s one of the best custom jobs for making money and basing
  8. Courier

    Buying GMAN

    Buying IG Name: Courier Buying: Gman Description: Seems like a decent custom job Looking to pay: £30 Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: v232#5578 - Discord SOLD
  9. Courier

    Eskimo's Store

    nah decided to keep it
  10. Courier

    Eskimo's Store

    Buy Reb Or Steven
  11. Courier

    Selling Steven

    No longer selling
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