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  1. He burnt down my house
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    hey loli what's good haha

    1. LOLi


      Yoooo wsg Main! I've been doing good, busy with school and all, hbu?

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      vibin, im back :^)

  3. You can see the rank of the player under their profile picture, if there isn't any rank there then it means that they are a user or a vip (normal vip). Mr. amfetamiin is an Admin and therefore not part of the senior staff. Senior staff is Admin+ or higher.
  4. Just use some fences and make a turn only where you have to, you don't need to make your base like an oversized snake. Personally I'd only put turns in corners of the building to get a clear view of the raiders when defending.
  5. Do you mean the HK416? I remember the swat leader having one, but I still don't think you would get a cj for it.
  6. Idk how rare it is since I'm kinda inactive, but there's no way you would get a cj for a droppable gun. And I mean this ACR, if there's another then ignore this.
  7. Nice Isn't there a whole page for staff stuff? you could've put it there. I might be wrong
  8. LOLi

    Selling Baldy

    Since no one is buying it and I'm getting bored, I shall lower the price. Updated price for Baldy: 20 pounds (not inc fee) So basically you will pay 25 pounds instead of 30(old price) You can reach me via discord or forums.
  9. All you need to know is that Exile cj is on top
  10. You are 73% Explorer You are also: 67% Killer 40% Socializer 20% Achiever
  11. LOLi

    Looking for a cj

    From the owner himself.
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