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  1. LOLi


    Yes Yes hn00d
  2. wait what was it before?????? a Minecraft character?
  3. LOLi

    NPC Guide

    Very helpful for new players and even some older players (sometimes😁)!
  4. LOLi

    Miller's New Store

    Cooooooooooooool Fresh 👍
  5. LOLi


    Good guy. Kinda gae for not letting me win events unless I work for it good stuff good good also sad, but that's for another post. yes.
  6. I thought that it was your only comedy joke that one time, but now I got a new idea, you are a comedian!
  7. This is very helpful for new players as said above. I just like seeing how much you spent to make this post 😄
  8. LOLi


    If you would have to recommend a staff member, you would be the first one on my list. Keep up the good work!
  9. LOLi

    Guide for RPG proof base

    This guide is old but its still really usefull!
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