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  1. LOLi


    Bobzy the mutant, everyone used to fear him but now he's just fat.
  2. Same, coke is overrated
  3. LOLi

    Eskimo's Store

    That's at least 21 inches my guy
  4. A bit late but a CP with a matador? That's lit 🔥
  5. Pretty sure he meant the ability to act as a hobo, that's where you can put up fading doors and print in a base that doesn't have a world door. From what I know you are allowed to build on streets with the 'build on streets' perk that most custom jobs have, although you can not put up fading doors nor have printers. You can only do that if you have 'ability to act as a hobo' (This allows you to act as a hobo ex: micspam, base on streets)
  6. type !skills or /skills and then you can spend your skill points on permanent skills.
  7. LOLi

    Eskimo's Store

    Great custom job with a lot of useful weapons'. Would love if exile got the TAR-21. 1000000% recommend buying exile!
  8. Good luck finding one, most likely a rebellion but you'll have to pay the fee. The only cj that I think is worth 80 mil is CI which is a cp custom job. (And ofc other jobs like dippy egg.)
  9. LOLi


    It shows that Radec actually cares about helping other people, he is taking time out of his day to help people by developing a server for people who may need this. He puts a lot of effort into TBL every day for the people in the gang. He is a really hard working guy and very nice to people who respect him. Love you man (no homo), keep up the great work!
  10. LOLi

    Sell me yes?

    meh, ignore this post.
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