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  1. balls cool explanation thanks everyone
  2. never seen or heard about it until vilvo made a bug report.
  3. JEFF42

    Rodney's shop

    That's pretty cool bro.
  4. damn kitten is more wild then i thought
  5. JEFF42

    hnood's store

    yoo hnood back gl selling it
  6. i'm pretty sure he has raped more than 20 people in rp
  7. https://kuran.diyanet.gov.tr/mushaf/kuran-meal-1/mulk-suresi-67/ayet-1/diyanet-isleri-baskanligi-meali-1 Here you go. Some problems you might face. -Translations are Turkish -It’s on page 561 (because I had to memorise the entire sura but sadly I now forgot the sura).
  8. JEFF42

    Hobo+ Store

    cool fanart and cool custom job! (seriously though when i get a part time job i'll probably save partly just for this)
  9. I know it worked earlier but i just wanted to know what happened to it and why it happened.
  10. why does the IED detonator not work?
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