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  1. JEFF42

    Can't join server

    too bad you can't watch tv's anymore
  2. JEFF42

    Can't join server

    Nope I can fully play
  3. JEFF42

    Can't join server

    Okay so somehow i got to join the server after my last try. so i guess the issue is fixed? thanks for the help though everyone
  4. JEFF42

    Can't join server

    no i was launching it in 64 bit, and since that doesn't work like chriss said I'm gonna do a fresh new installation and see if that works
  5. JEFF42

    Can't join server

    yes and I'm concerned it's because of the update that i can't join
  6. JEFF42

    Can't join server

    i will restart and see what happens @GoDofWaR solo works but i still cannot join CG even after I restart
  7. JEFF42

    Can't join server

    So basically when I join the server (CG) and right before i get to play, GMOD crashes. Anyone who knows this is there a fix to this? and if so could you please tell me? UPDATE: i verified the integrity of the game files but it's still not working.
  8. I’m pretty sure you can’t buy tokens with IGM
  9. JEFF42


    Real smooth
  10. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) tbh never seen him do anything (MOSTLY because i have no motivation to play lol) but yea if he does a good job then cool
  11. JEFF42

    OoO's OoO

    It's not called blaze anymore man! >:(>:(>:( Jokes aside this looks nice but it does hurt my eyes a little bit (O_O).
  12. wow gl selling it i guess