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  1. for 35 pounds inc fee?
  2. So as the title says, can I do an unban appeal for the CG discord server? if so, how?
  3. basically what jomano and chriss said
  4. How do I make an unban appeal but about the CG discord not the gmod server, do I just use the same unban appeal format or?
  5. is that greywind!?!?!?!??!
  6. what about me😢 i swear if someone puts a dumb emoji on my post for no reason im gonna fucking idk but im gonna fucking do something
  7. nise 💀 man to man, why do you have ur pfp as a girl @Shook
  8. 7ambolah

    strict terms

    no way ong???
  9. 7ambolah

    strict terms

    how do i get rid of strict terms or wtever its called do i jsut have to like stay out of trouble or something
  10. same fr people be forgoring sometimes if i added you on the list it would be unfair
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