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  1. Chriss

    Assuan CJ Command

    Have a look on here. It may have an old command such as Gman being /arnold when I used to own it. It might also have a different name on here, if @Kyra knows if it was one of the old jobs on here then theres the commands.
  2. Chriss

    Radon's Store

    It's not. Message Syhno#0001, I've sent Radon a message to let him know.
  3. Chriss

    Juicy Shop

    Good. I can finally own Blaze! His killer prices is because he is the co owner of TBL.
  4. Chriss

    Juicy Shop

    £19 Intense* - At least spell right
  5. Selling Chief inspector and Marine for cheaper than usually. Also still selling Boney slots.
  6. Chriss

    Juicy Shop

    Okay. Offers there sweet cheeks xxxxxxx
  7. Chriss

    Juicy Shop

    YeH but did you hear I offered £15. It’s a mad deal
  8. There’s literally no need for your sarcastic comment. You’re staff yet you act like you do not know anything. Stop being an idiotic moron and post if it’s actually useful rather than passive aggressive comment which no one needs. Staff are suppose to help people, no matter the level of IQ. If someone is absolutely brain dead and asks about every rule, you don't laugh in their face. Same with this. He obviously doesn't know what skill points are used for. Think this post can be locked, @Ice @Sprickles
  9. Please allow me to introduce myself 122 mil and it’s yours
  10. Chriss


    Another Toast selfie to add to the wank bank x £20 and a my vocals for one of your dutty songs.
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