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  1. @Paineddexth That’s what I was suppose to right but didn’t and had a stroke. The post you’ve made has no value nor does it count as official rules. They’re not approved nor is in the rule list. So it’s basically pointless as it’s not substantial. It’s a good idea expanding on the rules however there’s other ways of doing it. Such as making a suggestion for job rules to be clearer.
  2. Did you just copy the jobs rules and make it into a post?
  3. I'd say delete all your workshop items in your gmod directory and it'll reinstall everything again. That's probably the best way.
  4. £5 and a commendation from NIG Gang for being cool final offer
  5. I had this issue previously but that was because I donated for this back in 2015. I’m pretty sure the new system took place in 2017 (I think) so should definitely work
  6. Do check_rank, also items in inventory was reset a few months back. Can't get these back
  7. Chriss

    Sign in with Steam

    You’ve already signed a steam account up with this account, you can’t have multiple accounts attached nor can you detach one from what I recall. All you could do is create a new account
  8. Chriss

    Old rank

    Around 4 years ago there was a full economic reset, including items, cars, money etc. Only think which stayed was Rank. This was due to a money exploit.
  9. Even if the seller doesn’t follow through, there’s other means to get either the money back or the job. If the seller just runs of with your money, then we can conclude it as scamming. But yes I’d say 99% of the time it’s always safe
  10. Chriss

    Cp custom job

    Hello @ByReaper , I have two Civil Protection custom jobs in my collection. Please PM me on discord for more information. Pleasure speaking to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kind Regards, Noseian
  11. Chriss

    Boney Store

    Nice to see Boney getting some love to it again after I abused it for years ❤️
  12. Chriss

    Can't join server

    If that doesn't work then i'd try loading another Darkrp server to see if that loads.