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  1. In true Obama fashion I’m guessing this Custom Job came from another server
  2. Chriss

    Better cj

    #shamelessforumrulebreakfromanA+ "1.4 Advertisement - You may not advertise yours or other people's goods/services on other people's threads."
  3. @Toast We're moving up in the world!
  4. Chriss

    Up Votes

    Just run a gang and then make everyone upvote all of your posts otherwise you won't promote them..... idk just a thought
  5. Chriss

    Buying cj

    @Nate Bar might do it as he's a rich eastern European mafia boss
  6. Sold Private Military to the sheep shagger @Courier. Still selling CI & Marine for dirty cheap so buy now!
  7. *Waves in British* Hit me up in the PMs sweetie
  8. Selling Chief Inspector, Private Military & Marine for a combo wombo price of £80
  9. This is just a personal attack. See, the essence of Black Lives Matter isn't racist. Neither is people not allowing you to say they do. As the cliche "All Lives Matter". Yes, Black Lives Matter, however there are other ethnicity in other parts of the world, where it's a whole other story. For instance, the middle east & Jews. The whole Black Lives Matter thing is just a big egotistical protest to make yourself look good. If you look actually look at the Floyd case, it wasn't because Floyd was Black. It was because the cop was an utter retard and shouldn't of been a cop in the first place. The state that this took place in, doesn't actually have much of a police training system. Overall, the quality of Police in America is lower than first world countries. The incident that took place wasn't a racial thing, it was just lack of training. I don't see why everyone makes it into such a big drama. Yes, Black people are discriminated in parts of the world more, which isn't alright by any stretch however it's weird how it's all just started to appear with protests and suddenly every teenage girl in the UK is suddenly a Black Lives Matter activist, even though they didn't care a single shit in History in school. Anyways, yeah. Make a staff complaint if you feel it was unjust.
  10. I'll sell you a Rebellion slot for £35 if you want. TBL Custom Job?
  11. How much money did you have?
  12. Economies haven't been reset for an eternity. Ranks would be stored in the database with check_rank. I bought VIP 5 years ago and mine still works.
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