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  1. Chriss

    Vip rank not working

    Left of the job before they sack you?
  2. Chriss

    Vip rank not working

    @Toast how's work OD?
  3. Omg battyonix scripting please ban
  4. There is a lot of limitations to this. I made a few bases previously where you used the crossbow to defend and it was unraidable as you couldn't get shot. Just an FYI before people think "Oh i'm going to abuse this". It's not allowed anymore
  5. Imagine having McAfee anti virus #WindowsDefender all the way
  6. Some countries don’t let you create PayPal accounts. Don’t see why you had to make a funny remark for someone who clearly is just wanting advice.
  7. Wassup my home dog, This probably isn’t the best idea. I’d keep IGM and save to buy a custom job, then sell the custom job for IRL money and boom you have cheated the system. Or just get a custom job and get the tokens by grinding
  8. £8 and a carry on valorant?
  9. Chriss


    Nah he defo snorts 10 lines in one go But yes, Jamie is a delightful member of the Cloud Gaming community.
  10. Chriss

    Easy Record Software

    Yeah but in your post. You're not even using that software. You're literally using Xbox game capture. You're referencing some random ass OBS fake which has in app purchases. OBS is very easy to use if you set it up properly.
  11. Chriss

    Easy Record Software

    Or just use OBS or Geforce Shadowplay? Holy fuck, after looking at the actual software, it's literally OBS but with in app purchases.
  12. He’s good but he’s an absolute liability on valorant.
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