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  1. Sylla was a bit of a moron back in the day. A bit is an understatement but he seems really good now. Very professional and knows the rules.
  2. Oh boy I'm sure hope someone will spend £300 of their well earned money on this custom job!
  3. Chriss

    Turtle hat

    @Turtle would be proud.
  4. Chriss


    Mainly because courier has resigned as staff more times than he’s ate healthy food
  5. Chriss

    1.11 Confusion.

    Self defence applies to an RP situation. Admin situations are not RP situations. That's literally it.
  6. This is such a good idea!!!! I can’t wait for the giveaway to be rigged towards @Mommy
  7. I AM SELLING HOBO PLUS DM ME ON DISCORD NOSEIAN#1334 Even Kevin McCloud from grand designs thinks you should buy my slot!
  8. Selling Hobo+ and Warden for dirt cheap, pm me on discord.
  9. Selling rebellion and buying cjs with igm
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