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  1. Yes, accepted. You have gotten the rank on the server.
  2. Updated the "About Me" section

  3. THe ducks will allways watch upon us mortals as we try to connect to the godly realm of the ducks.

  4. Hey there, want to help the religion grow? Then i reccomend applying for a higer rank in the religion. Here is the ranks that you can apply to: Priest - Helps spread the words of the religion to others, and also coutns as our diplomats. Has to be a follower. Bishop - Helps spread the religion to other gangs(so inviting to the mult gang alliance) and is also a diplomat. Has to be a priest. Archbishop - Is there to assist the Chancellor and Pope and also to manage the other ranks(so accepting appliactions and so forth). Has to be a bishop. Chancellor - Helps in the leading of the religion. Has to be an Archbishop. Here are the current holders of the ranks: Pope: MrCenny Chancellors: Younes Archbishops: Aesthetic Cunt Bishops: Priests: Doggie Here is the template: The rank you are applying for: In-Game name and steamid: When did you join the duck religion?: Why do you want a promotion?:
  5. Well, i buaght it and filled out the forum and all that, so my first cj next restart
  6. B


    1. MrCenny


      Oh fuck, when did i post this. Lmao


      I am really tiered, help ;I

  7. Well it's been a few days now from when I contacted
  8. is it possible to just delete the unwanted accounts from the forum? So that people dont get confuzed.
  9. k, but now that i see, i went into my own steam interegation and it actually said that this account was connected to it, so now i have 2 accounts connected to my steamID? @JamieB I am utterly confuzed
  10. Soooooooooooo, anyone want to do something for the duck religion to do something?
  11. So, the blind me pressed the log in trough steam button wich created a new account named MrCenny... Buuut this means that the MrCenny account has my steam connected to it, wich in turn means i cant connect this account wich is my main to my steam account. Anyone, help? This is the wrongly added account 😜https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/profile/8685-mrcenny/
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