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  1. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update! Crusader has been updated to Prostitute (rip crusader.cc) Added soldier! and np @Immersel
  2. Bonk

    Marine Giveaway!

    Good luck all!
  3. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Rebellion has been SOLD!
  4. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Citizen+ has been SOLD! To @The real Duck!
  5. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update! Added Citizen+ Will also be accepting trades/igm (Open for any offers)
  6. As we all know best mod and should be super admin already

  7. hi

  8. men how you so bigname on cloud gaming 1mil profile views must be skeet uid 1!

  9. Are you sure you still have this? I bought a crusader slot from you a while ago
  10. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update! @Immersel Updated crusader with 100 armor! (shoutout to @CG l Courier for helping with it) Added Underground Predator! (Thanks @Leevi) Also added Rebellion and Cyrax! -Bonk
  11. Leevi

    +rep good profile picture

    -rep furry

  12. Bonk


    Thanks! Always happy to help 🙂
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