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  1. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Freaky Frank, Chief Inspector, Underground Predator, Cyrax Have been sold to @Slav! (Store closed for now) -Bonk
  2. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update Sold my Soldier slot to @Courier Chief Inspector and Underground Predator are still for sale! -Bonk
  3. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update Reduced prices on Soldier and Chief Inspector Added Robux payment method for Chief Inspector Buy now! -Bonk
  4. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update! Added Freaky Frank Added Chief Inspector Thanks to @Leevi and @Immersel for giving templates! -Bonk the furfag @Leevimade me say that
  5. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update! Prostitute has been sold to @Sylla Sorry @Immersel 😭 The rest is still for sale! If you are interrested feel free to message me on the forums or on discord using Bonk#8002 Also updated underground predator pls @Leevi stop cry -Bonk
  6. cheeky bugger

  7. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update! Crusader has been updated to Prostitute (rip crusader.cc) Added soldier! and np @Immersel
  8. Bonk

    Marine Giveaway!

    Good luck all!
  9. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Rebellion has been SOLD!
  10. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Citizen+ has been SOLD! To @The real Duck!
  11. Bonk

    Bonk's store

    Update! Added Citizen+ Will also be accepting trades/igm (Open for any offers)
  12. Are you sure you still have this? I bought a crusader slot from you a while ago