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  1. IG Name: SaherAF Selling: Gman Description: An exotic job that offers a drop from every sea Price: I accept offers Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: Add me on Discord (SaherAF#2255) so we can make some sort of deal
  2. SaherAFx

    Selling Gman

    IG Name: SaherAF Selling:Gman Description:A custom job that has alot of perks, you can see them here Price: Cheap price, contact me on private or discord (SaherAF#2255) Payment method(s) PayPal or Steam Other comments: N/A
  3. SaherAFx

    Selling Gman

    Hey i'm selling a gman slot, kindly message me on discord or just shoot me a PM here SaherAF #2255
  4. I disagree he is a complete faggot
  5. SaherAFx

    Lost my rank

    It's fine, i think @gogabs156 gets it now
  6. SaherAFx

    Lost my rank

    As Jake Innit was correctly saying, type check_rank in console - if that does not work, send roast a PM via the forums w/ your evidence.
  7. Now I don't get it, he has all these weapons highlighted in purple?
  8. Once again thank you for this opportunity, it's such a pleasure working with all of you
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