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  1. SaherAFx

    Selling Gman Slot

    IG Name: SaherAF Selling: Gman Description: An exotic job that offers a drop from every sea Price: I accept offers Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: Add me on Discord (SaherAF#2255) so we can make some sort of deal
  2. SaherAFx

    Selling Gman

    IG Name: SaherAF Selling:Gman Description:A custom job that has alot of perks, you can see them here Price: Cheap price, contact me on private or discord (SaherAF#2255) Payment method(s) PayPal or Steam Other comments: N/A
  3. SaherAFx

    Selling Gman

    Hey i'm selling a gman slot, kindly message me on discord or just shoot me a PM here SaherAF #2255
  4. SaherAFx

    Packie McReary

    I disagree he is a complete faggot
  5. SaherAFx


    This is fucking entertaining
  6. SaherAFx

    Trading something worth alot

    Comedy gold
  7. SaherAFx

    Lost my rank

    It's fine, i think @gogabs156 gets it now
  8. SaherAFx

    Lost my rank

    As Jake Innit was correctly saying, type check_rank in console - if that does not work, send roast a PM via the forums w/ your evidence.
  9. SaherAFx


    He's my dad
  10. SaherAFx

    Logan (Admin)

    100% but he have big gay
  11. SaherAFx


    Radon is my sugar daddy
  12. SaherAFx

    Question about the rules.

    After asking some higher up staffs about it, some said it's not allowed if was on purpose, some said it's allowed, and some weren't sure, which clearly states that this statement has no solid rule or answer and is not on the motd, so according to my answer on this one i'm not sure either, since like i said, it's not on the motd, despite that even @Ninja himself said that there were no cases regarding it.
  13. SaherAFx

    Jamie's Trading store

    Now I don't get it, he has all these weapons highlighted in purple?
  14. Once again thank you for this opportunity, it's such a pleasure working with all of you