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  1. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Store update - Now selling Baldy custom job slot (price listed under description) As always the fastest way to reach me is through my discord at S1CK#4190. Please buy it I really wanna buy overwatch ok thanks love you all.
  2. S1CK

    Holm's Store

    How much did you get payed to say this
  3. S1CK

    Gun prices?

    If they are gun dealer weapons you wanna sell them for less than the original price, what I usually do is that I bundle them all up and sell them all for a set price, like a package sort of.
  4. S1CK

    Chief Inspector Slots [SALE]

    A forum ban would serve you better
  5. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Store update - Sold chief inspector to @Ice Cube - Added Marine to the store (currently not for sale)
  6. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Store update - Chief Inspector is now up for sale (price listed under description) - Updated sweps/abilities/weapons of custom jobs Fastest way to reach my regarding my sales/store is my discord S1CK#4190
  7. S1CK

    William J

    You get 3 more prime subscriptions if you apply to TCH
  8. S1CK

    William J

    @William J Is a effective, competent and level-headed staff member, one of the best i've seen during my soon to be 1 year with cloud gaming. He deals with sits swiftly and does a good job explaining the situation. He has a good sense of humor but knows when to be professional.
  9. S1CK

    Selling Rebellion For 10 + 5(fee) pounds

    Added on discord
  10. S1CK

    Avionix's Hat Shop

    Can I borrow hats here?
  11. S1CK


    S1CK#4190 add me
  12. S1CK

    Selling GMAN £35

    You wont find any luck selling the job for the exact same price as the owner (Jamie) is selling it for. People would rather spend 40 pounds on getting a slot him from which could lead to new things being added.
  13. S1CK

    Holm's Store

    Where did all of this money to support the recent additions of guns come from. Im gonna assume it came from pasta smuggling and @Ninja
  14. S1CK

    Ice Cube

    Finnish fuck, you are worse than the Danish. Jokes aside @Ice Cube has got the skill and the looks to become a fantastic admin+
  15. S1CK


    hold space