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  1. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

  2. S1CK

    Updated Job Rules List

    Gun dealers and special arms dealers are allowed to bulid a small gunstore on the streets if they wish (with reasonable size of course)
  3. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Store update - Added Chief Inspector and Gman to store (not for sale) - Updated sweps/abilities/weapons of cusom jobs - Updated owners of custom jobs
  4. S1CK

    Just your normal Players

    Nice to hear my pd raids are making someone happy atleast btw Kevins tag is @Zabiehunter
  5. S1CK

    Buying cj slots

    No longer looking
  6. S1CK

    Buying cj slots

    Looking for cp custom jobs, hmu.
  7. S1CK

    Insurgent Custom Job

    Guess I saved all of those tokens for something in the end, this looks very spicy Roast thank you.
  8. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Store update - Updated weapons of various custom jobs (Damn Exile got some juicy guns)
  9. S1CK

    Noseian's Trading Store

    Your nose?
  10. S1CK

    Swedish boi

    Danskjävel Don't you agree @Ice Cube
  11. S1CK


    +Support A+ when?
  12. S1CK

    Selling puffer

    So you are 13 now? Not much of a improvement but ok
  13. S1CK

    Updated Job Rules List

    As a hitman if your target is proven to be inside pd or bank you cannot "raid" it per say aka killing other people than your target. Would be best if you re-worded it to something along the lines of "if your target is proven to be inside of a government official buliding (pd/bank) you may only harm your specified target
  14. S1CK

    Noseian's Trading Store

    If you are talking about Boney it's priced at 38 pounds and most likely Noseian will be paying the fee. (please buy it we get things added for each slot he sells)
  15. S1CK


    Yeah it doesnt, maybe if it did you would not be permabanned😏