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  1. S1CK

    Selling GMAN £35

    You wont find any luck selling the job for the exact same price as the owner (Jamie) is selling it for. People would rather spend 40 pounds on getting a slot him from which could lead to new things being added.
  2. S1CK

    Holm's Store

    Where did all of this money to support the recent additions of guns come from. Im gonna assume it came from pasta smuggling and @Ninja
  3. S1CK

    Ice Cube

    Finnish fuck, you are worse than the Danish. Jokes aside @Ice Cube has got the skill and the looks to become a fantastic admin+
  4. S1CK


    hold space
  5. S1CK

    little bit of an icky wicky problem

    Declined Apologies; we appreciate your interest in joining the staff team but due to lack of positive support we cannot accept you onto our staff team just yet. You may reapply in 5 days.
  6. S1CK


    I smell staff complaints
  7. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Store update - Sold Rebellion, more jobs may come up for sale in the near future
  8. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Store update - Sold Puffer to @DarkElite - Rebellion still up for sale
  9. S1CK

    Eskimo's Store

    Here we see a wild Eskimo trying to make a 15 pound profit by buying and reselling Soldier custom job
  10. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Store update - Now selling Puffer slot (price listed under description) - Now selling Rebellion slot (price listed under description) Fastest way to reach me is either via forum pm or slide into my discord dms S1CK#4190
  11. S1CK

    Custom Jobs

    @Agent owns Predator now I believe
  12. S1CK

    Selling baldy slot

    Im pretty sure he already sold it...
  13. S1CK

    Custom Jobs

    @Riph owns Alyx and @Poncho_ owns puffer (if he hasnt sold it to someone idk) Also @Agent is the owner of ranger which I dont see listed (dont know if you have it under a different name)
  14. S1CK

    S1CK's Store