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  1. Buying marine 110mil you pay fee
  2. i wanna get CI if anyone wants to trade for my rebellion message me on forums or pm me ingame
  3. @Turtle is a good admin and a even better person I said some nice words plz no ban yes?
  4. duck boi


    uh oh
  5. Give me boney yes
  6. Ok how much did you actually pay him? Jk Very good staff member
  7. So I'm taking that as a yes you are giving me a cj hehe
  8. @Chriss give me yes?
  9. so i was wondering if anyone would want to trade my rebellion for a CI but you pay fees message me on forums or pm me ingame
  10. Well sorry is I was rude but you were not the owner of the base or In the same gang with the owner of the base. 

    But is understand if you don't want me as staff and that's ok. 

    And sorry again for the rule brakes 

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