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  1. Didn't even mention your mentor Feels bad man 😭
  2. Im no longer Owner of Boney, the Ownership of it went back to @Hairybeast and im the Co owner
  3. Update (7/09/2022) Now Taking Offers for Boney Ownership DM Discord -> ?????????????#0001 Extra info on post (messages saying "that's to much" or stupid offers will be ignored)
  4. Contact the Owner of CG https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/profile/1-roast/
  5. Information Co Owner - @Hairybeast
  6. You are 93% Explorer You are also: 53% Achiever 53% Socialiser 0% Killer
  7. Yall need to go back to school Spelling Minge wrong like that Love you @Mason R.❤️
  8. SyntactixOfficial


    Someone should Buy this
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