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  1. Imagine spending all that time mining for a job, couldn't be me 😎
  2. your money won't be wasted, as long as you can provide that you have completed the forms and necessary steps to Roast then you will recieve the CJ.
  3. Jokes on you i can't micspam as Armed Police 😎
  4. But what would make it a valid RP reason to arrest all micspammers? i just personally don't see a reason other than "you need a license to busk" becuase it just seems a bit silly to arrest/kill anyone who is simply playing music. Sounds like Oliver Cromwell's dream.
  5. Whilst it can be annoying i don't think it should be a valid law as you could then just warrant a base for someone micspamming inside which would be a pretty dumb reason verses the RP reasons of weed, wanted inside etc. It would also just be weird as you already have to have a sign to make your micspamming valid with the rules of the server. If it to be made illegal then specifying it to be "ear rape" sort of music as the reason would make sense as a "Noise complaint" from a person to give it a better RP reason.