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  1. Job Update Price has been lowered to £50 for the time being, and the Special offer price is now the default price. Any purchases of Soviet will contribute towards the next unique addition that I have planned.
  2. what anime is ur background from boss x

    1. Paineddexth


      Neon Genesis Evangelion 

  3. Job Update Added Moonshine Brewer and DJ Equipment
  4. Limited Time Offer Offer is over and the default price has been changed
  5. We traded ownerships.
  6. ѕσνιєт Description: Owner(s): @Paineddexth The number of slots for this job will NOT be limited. Anything in Orange is exclusive to this job only. My hope is to make this a strong custom job with lots of exclusive content only available to this job and a strong theme so it sticks out from the rest. Weapons: CSS AK47 - SVT40 - PKM - PPSH - AS Val SWEPS: Disguise - 100 Armour - Keypad cracker - Lockpick - Unarrest baton - Hammer - Hackphone - HL2 Medkit - Climb - BHop - MagicSword - Camo Entities: Grow Weed - Armour Charger - Moonshine - DJ equipment Abilities: Complete hits - Raid Bank - Build on streets (act as hobo) - Mug - Kidnap You can base and raid with anyone and you cannot enforce the law. Price: £50 (PAYPAL Only) Message Panda#6536 for more info © Template by Rica 2021 ®
  7. Too many jobs to keep up with, also is 2022 now, this is a 2021 thing ?
  8. Great guide! very well laid out and well presented information, I've always said Mining is a great way to make money and im glad the stats support that. Mining with double ores also affects that money making potential lots more, potentially 3 million per hour assuming you don't have the double ore skills with the stats you've given.
  9. if you grind 5,000 bronze a day with 50% ores and max mining level (10 hours non-stop a day) it would take around 20 days. i did it over 3 months, grinding harder towards the last 13 days.
  10. Material Cost: 100,000 Bronze = £50,000,000 50,000 Silver = £45,000,000 25,000 Gold = £47,500,000 2,500 Platinum = £21,250,000 Mining Pete Value: £163,750,000 As some one who has achieved getting Mining Pete, i'd say you're probably better off just selling all the ore you'd get, i'd say you could earn around 300 million+
  11. Leave the profile pic out of this, thank you for your kind words though Joseph. Enjoy your new hat!
  12. Title of post changed to try and stop confusion or misleading people, this post is just to show what jobs can currently do, so that people can know what a job can do and there is little to no confusion about them.
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