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  1. Rica

    Assuan CJ Command

    Im asking for the command for Assuan CJ, Not CI, just used it as an example
  2. Rica

    Assuan CJ Command

    Just got Assuna CJ for Free, anyone know the command for changing into it, like /ashford for CI?
  3. Rica

    Kevin's Stuff

    @ZabiehunterStill Selling the boney slot?
  4. Rica

    Eskimo's Store

    Fair enough on the AOE weapon, it would be nice to have it mostly as a meme sort of weapons to clear out PD like some other CJ's can but fair enough with the reasons you stated, but what about the topic of adding hits?
  5. Rica

    Eskimo's Store

    @Eskimo (idk if it's been suggested before or if your still taking suggestions) Add Hits and some form of AOE weapon, like RPG to Exile possibly?
  6. Is true is very wholesome and a wonderful person, but. Has a Fav Mod list and it slightly makes me uneased @wingman.... You know. :3
  7. Hello @Sneeky Man im intrested in buying the Baldy slot, Dm me via discord Ricashoter #9553
  8. Im intrested in Buying a Baldy slot, any offers? If so Pm (Ive been thinking of buying a Gman or Exile to at some point but due to the updates im back to wanting Baldy slot)
  9. Thank you to whome ever changed this account to fit my role, would it be posible to remove the ' Rica (Slim_stumpy) ' account to prevent future troubles such as @Rica (Slim_stumpy) insted of @Rica? If so that would be mutch apreshiated, if not no worries. Just ping me if you need
  10. I loged into it via Steam log in, that has now seemingly desynced and i cant re link it in anyway, not that i know of, and i never linked it to an email cuz i thought it wouldnt desynce from my steam log in
  11. So, i have the acount of Rica/Slim_stumpy linked to my steam acount but for some reason that steam has now de linked it or something? and i cant log into my account of Rica/Slim_Stumpy it had the rank of Mod, Steam ID in game is STEAM_0:0:24317764 (TBL Rica) and idk what to do, i was told to ask here. @Riph @15inb
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