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  1. +rep sold me Rebellion for an awesome price, made it quick and easy. Thanks for the CJ man and it was a pleasure doing business with you!
  2. Sadly though nothing except paid CJs can do it alone though
  3. I think it should be added to the rules something that says you are not allowed to raid PD unless you have a custom job. Unless it is already there and I missed it.
  4. I agree Delta is a nice lad and Mr_kg goes above and beyond to help everybody out, upholds all the rules and is no shy to helping newcomers
  5. I know changing the fire-rate of the guns is still possible, but is it still possible to put on//take off suppressors? I can't seem to be able to do it and I haven't heard anything about it yet. Has it been removed?
  6. mute

    Eskimo's Store

    Can it do weed? And what is the difference between this and Boney?
  7. Festive Minxter!! I couldn't find him on the forum so I don't know if he is on here, but definitely I will say that he's an awesome moderator and a good friend. I got to know him the other day because he was on all day and kept helping me out with my reports. He is always on duty and ready to help. Every time I look on the scoreboard, he is on duty. I get happy when I see him and when he replies to my tickets I perk up a smile. He is straight to the point and gets things sorted in a timely manner, and he always cracks a joke to go along with it. Great lad. Great staff member and always active. +rep
  8. mute

    /RPname problem!

    Hi guys, mute here. I had the name mute perviously, and today I did /rpname to change to 'mute no sound' and when I tried to change back, it said the name was already taken because the word mute was already in the name. Then I tried changing my name to something random so I changed it to 'ayyyy' and still it said that mute was a taken name even though I had it earlier that day. I asked an admin about it and they said checking the logs there is nobody else with mute as their name except me. So it seems like there is a bug with the command, and it won't let me change it back to my original name. Now I was forced change it to 'mute With Sound' and it worked, but how can I get my original name back without anything to do with sound? I'm hoping you can help me
  9. Jihad is hands down one of the friendliest and best moderators on the server. Every interaction I've had with him has been excellent, he is really a pleasant person and always very helpful. He knows the rules like the back of his hand and he also never fails to make me laugh.
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