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  1. Аlex


    Didn't know I had 2 stores
  2. Freaky Frank Removed Milkor Added m9k_nitro active next cj restart
  3. -rep teams in events

  4. Sale (ends at midnight) Undercover agent £30!
  5. Undercover Agent Added val and jackhammer active next cj restart
  6. Freaky Frank Added weapon_medkit Added Disguise kit
  7. Rogue Removed Moonshine Removed Browning Auto Removed Bhop Removed Mp5sd Removed Val Removed Ithaca Removed 100 armor Removed Hack phone Removed Weed Removed Raid Bank Removed Raid PD Removed Build on street Removed Armor charger Removed medkit Removed fists Removed mug Removed jackhammer Removed SVD Removed keypad cracker Removed climb Removed Disguise kit Removed lockpick Removed Ability to kidnap Removed unarrest baton Removed Famas Removed PKM