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    The National Institute of Gamers was created in late 2018, in the glorious days of the downtown city, the gang made its way to the fame by john jong making literal billions from spins. To put it simply, NIG is all about the traditional clout chasers of clout gaming. We try to take the real world cloud chasers rules and moral codes and make it work in a traditional manor through how we conduct ourselves in-game. Gang was made at some point, not really too sure but @[email protected] and @John Jong became owners of EGG (epic gamer gang) @15inb joined, what a geeza We kicked john jong bcus he went inactive innit. Renamed gang to FAG (fully automatic gamers) Renamed gang to NIG (national institute of gamers) and @Immersel joined, what a geeza we also invited people like exage and shax and theyre kinda epic In 2020 loads of people started joining for some reason In 2021 we have been playing counter strike, officially affiliated with tyloo (long live the CCP)
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