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  1. konstans


    Oh wtf i just saw it my bad @Toast
  2. konstans


    He is always high thats why
  3. i think RZ has made one aswell
  4. What happened to the old store?
  5. We have a war #IceForSA #SpricklesForSA #15inbForSA Who is gonna win?
  6. #IceForSA (not hate for the other 2 they both very cute)
  7. You tell them PKM warrior.
  8. konstans

    Selling Boney

    not atually i dont have 150 mil xD
  9. #SpricklesForSA #StevenGang #MaNameLeevi
  10. konstans

    Cow's Store

    50 pounds i pay fee
  11. konstans

    Cow's Store

    10 pounds i pay fee yes?
  12. Hello, I am recommending @Radontrax1 because recently he has been a lot nice to me and some other members of this commuty. As I can see, he has good skills on making logos for people (Personal logos for discord, social media e.t.c). Radontrax was so nice that he even made us all custom logos, and they look amazing. He is just amazing on what he is doing, I know there are people more skilled than him. But as I see it, he is very generous by putting effort on making us those logos for getting nothing back. Moreover if you need a logo, I think he has your back, just dm him on discord or on forums and I think that he will me more than pleased to make you a very cool looking logo!! I am not quite sure if he will charge you for it, but even if he does, I think its worth it, I even gave him a little tip for his work on my logo, he didnt ask for it. Anyway, thats what I have to say about him, he is just an amazing community member causing no problems at all, he is being generous and kind to all of us.
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