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  1. This is severely amazing to read :((((((jzsbfuavbuHVUDAV aHghaghgh thank you
  2. Thank you so much :33333333 Lollipops are very healthy Awwwww :3333333awfbhagkjfauygbfa anfjkahfbahfvbajfbjabfabjfba THIS IS TOO MUCH IM OVERLOADED WITH COMPLIMENTS ABDAHGJHAGIFHAIWFGIA stptoptoptpo itttttt
  3. Its really really appreciated :333
  4. All of the comments actually mean so much :((((( I cantttttttttt Well, Im not really interested in the offer, but he does seem like the kinda guy to do that :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (jk, dont demote me)
  6. OwO UwU and everything else (I made a shitpost with all of it)
  7. I actually got scared :DDDD @Citizen Well, I still feel bad for not giving you the 1250 and you running away @Axerfen STOP BEING SO DAMN PROFESSIONAL XDD (jk please dont stop, keep both of your sides) @Ice Cube @Ice Cube @Ice Cube I can be normal but that wont be the way I wanna be. I feel like I can actually feel and be myself in this server and not act. I've said in my application post that i have different sides which vary from weird to professional to random to just normal andddd to OwO again etc..
  8. You deserve it man :3 You work hard
  9. His current rank: Admin Have had quite a lot of sits with him, more than other admins and I can definitely say that he is really friendly, calm and professional in sits, also really quick to resolve the problems. And I think he deserves a higher ran ^^
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