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    Selling Exile

    Aka I want more money
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    Selling Exile

    u mean "I don't want to pay fee so the buyer has too"?
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    ACE guy

    DTT Luigi/ OscarGamez

    I wanted to recommend a special staff member called DTT luigi or as he's known on the forums @OscarGamez. i just wanted to say and i think the staff team will agree with me that Oscar takes Cloud Gaming into a whole different level, he's od almost every shift and for most of the shift, he's very active on the forums, he's very professional at his job as a staff member, he's a great person to talk with, he brings a good atmosphere anywhere he's present, off duty or on duty, and the most important, he was killed by god himself. I want to thank Oscar for the effort and time he's putting into the server, because if you need to force him to take a break, that's bad (in a good way). Thank you Oscar!
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    Custom job updates

    All custom job forms were successful 02/06/2019 apart from @Wiggles form. All CP custom jobs must have a player model which is believable. Active next restart
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    You're a good mentor as when a mod you were mentoring TP'd to me. You pm'ed me saying be nice to him. Definitly knows the community well! Also, is in was in FBI and doesn't hack so that's a good one as well. Also, owns boney. Also, left FBI . All of these = +Support
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    @XxGolemGamerxX use template please I recommend copying: Buying IG Name: SGG Konstans Buying: Rebellion Description: Looking to buy a rebellion slot Looking to pay: 100 - 150 mill Payment method(s) IGM Other comments: (could add discord here to pm you) (also I recommend including whether you or the seller is paying £5 fee) Also I would change your title to something like "Buying Rebellion Slot for IGM" or something like that. Thanks
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    im looking for rebellion cj 100 -150 mil is anyone selling?
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