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  1. for me this bug happens if i come back from afk and it has 1 min left and i move the the timer resets and i don't get the token
  2. updated store added blaze added CI
  3. Buying IG Name: Oscar Buying: CJ for 100mil igm mainly looking for rebellion Description: i need cj Looking to pay: 100mil igm but you pay fee for the job payment method(s) IGM Other comments: if you are selling pm me on forums or on discord Oscar#3843
  4. Updated Price for owner ship
  5. Update - Added Unarrest Baton to freaky frank
  6. i mean ye i might rdmed by new players but it happens rarely so i dont mind.
  7. Added 100 armor,ability to raid bank and changed player model to Zombie, to Freaky Frank Changes will be active next CJ restart
  8. lowerd price for Dippy Egg and baldy
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