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  1. i mean ye i might rdmed by new players but it happens rarely so i dont mind.
  2. Added 100 armor,ability to raid bank and changed player model to Zombie, to Freaky Frank Changes will be active next CJ restart
  3. lowerd price for Dippy Egg and baldy
  4. lowered price for baldy again
  5. OscarGamez

    Oscar's Store

    IG Name: Oscar Payment methods: PayPal Only Other comments: Discord: Oscar#3843 Freaky Frank slots    Description Zombie player model Weapons: Satan revolver Sweps: Abilities: Can raid PD, Can build on streets, Can kidnap, Can base with anyone, has 100 armor, ability to raid bank Looking to add: Looking to add ability to spawn weed, ability to mug, ability to carry out hits, unarrest baton and disguise kit Price: 30 pounds Dippy Egg Stripped player model Weapons: None Sweps: None Abilities: None Price: not selling
  6. OscarGamez

    Precision Weld

    Here is video how to get precision weld for people who doesn't know how to get it work.
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