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  1. updated store added freaky franky 👍
  2. Updated store Sold CI Sold Blaze
  3. for me this bug happens if i come back from afk and it has 1 min left and i move the the timer resets and i don't get the token
  4. updated store added blaze added CI
  5. Buying IG Name: Oscar Buying: CJ for 100mil igm mainly looking for rebellion Description: i need cj Looking to pay: 100mil igm but you pay fee for the job payment method(s) IGM Other comments: if you are selling pm me on forums or on discord Oscar#3843
  6. Updated Price for owner ship
  7. Update - Added Unarrest Baton to freaky frank
  8. i mean ye i might rdmed by new players but it happens rarely so i dont mind.
  9. Added 100 armor,ability to raid bank and changed player model to Zombie, to Freaky Frank Changes will be active next CJ restart
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