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  1. Before we start these commands must be cl(client) commands meaning they can be preformed without sv_cheats first open your gmod folder File structure should look like this: <SteamLibraryFolder>\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\ Then go to garrysmod > cfg here where you can create executables in game Now here is where you can make custom files for your game and execute them via the console Create a new text file by right clicking > new > text document Name it anything BUT change the extension as cfg For this example im gonna make a simple kill command (Note: Everything here must be a console command) Now open up gmod and load into a map to test it out open up your console the default button is ` or ~ it is located underneath escape(ESC) key but i set mine to F3 Then type in exec "NameOfFile.cfg" And tadaa! you made a simple executable now you can add any commands it can work in DarkRP here is one example This executable allows me to put premade laws i want you can change the alias to anything and add any laws also it let me start lottos automatically Here is another one for fun i made to reset my colors back to default cyan the game gives you As you can notice values have to be in "Quotes" you can use the above example to make preset colors or custom colors like in Make sure to try these commands if they work in Cloud Gaming before actually using them! Have fun doing custom stuff like preset binds for different jobs like 1. Weed job for binding seeds and printer charge 2. Moonshine job for binding dank juice and alcohol and printer charge 3. Cocaine job items and printer charge 4. Meth job items and printer charge 5. For custom jobs with all 4 money making methods 6. For admins and mods if you wanna switch between RP and OD
  2. what i would do is save some presets of those in a cfg and do exec "cfg file" to get that color
  3. alright thanks i like it
  4. does this give you tokens?
  5. STEAM_0:0:193345966 call me babe ksks
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