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  1. i use £5 of the £15 to pay it
  2. price now £15 inc fee
  3. Selling IG Name: cortez Selling: rebellion Description: the rebellion cj i bought for 35 Price: 15 inc fee Payment method(s) paypal only Other comments:
  4. oh i thought crugger was puffer but people called it different things
  5. well you clearly are active enough on the forums to comment on my post after 15 mins
  6. isn't puffer being stripped
  7. Buying IG Name: Cortez Buying: Custom job slot Description: Any job Looking to pay: 30 Payment method(s) PayPal Other comments: No Edit: No longer in need of a custom job.
  8. its not extended shitville its negerville
  9. cort


    Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words
  10. reasonable will keep in mind @Sprickles
  11. what's like the ratio like if 100 tokens is 15 quid then if I bought you 100 tokens how much igm
  12. cort

    AH64D's Hanger

    nvm i misread the job thing, how much for exile
  13. cort

    Holm's Store

    hm for boney ownership @Holm
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