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  1. Paul

    Selling Rebellion

    noseian gets around y'know, he goes up to random citizens telling them to buy his rebellion slots, after sucking them of course
  2. Paul

    Danny do dah

    #DC4SA still growing strong, but he still doesn't fucking start a sc streak with me
  3. Paul


  4. Paul

    Holm's Store

    weapon_fists to baldy when?
  5. Paul

    Just your normal Players

    im sad now
  6. Paul

    Buying cj slots

    but can i hooker
  7. Paul

    Noseian's Trading Store

    so 20 minutes?
  8. Paul


    I would like to recococomenenend @DC for being such a great a+ who deals with things as quickly as possible, and for being a loyal a+ for 7 months and 1 day currently. Lets just ignore him being a ginger for now boys, a round of applause for DC! 👏
  9. Paul

    Noseian's Trading Store

    so your necromancer powers have a limit? i guess owning boney takes alot, but surely you should be more powerful
  10. Paul

    Noseian's Trading Store

    can we revive more money plz
  11. Paul

    Insurgent Custom Job

    im coming back on the server NOW!!! :d
  12. Paul

    Noseian's Trading Store

    it says revealed next cj restart for a reason.
  13. Paul

    Craig's Margadh

    soilder now you've made it solider, get your shit together @Craig
  14. Paul

    Bought tokens for not the right STEAMID

    but what if ur not online, how do i copy your id then
  15. Paul

    Bought tokens for not the right STEAMID

    Give roast proof of you paying for tokens in PMs and the ID you want to transfer it to, so you can get your tokens.