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  1. nice suggestion bro, +support @Riph @Ice help this man
  2. Paul

    Disguised and wanted

    ah, fair enough, forgot about those
  3. Paul

    Disguised and wanted

    how? you cant quite take out a gun and blast someone while disguised, and unless you just mean trespassing in pd or selling weed while disguised, then im confused
  4. i agree, seeing as how many players have gotten to 1 bil (even i have although baumann gave it to me for a sec), 742 mil is poor nowadays
  5. idk just say like ur mom stinks i guess, then you technically made someones day in a bad way
  6. quick question, how do you sell slots, if hnood owns steven? or is it like you just have the storepage for steven and then hnood deals with the cj itself
  7. I suggest you take this to a higher up, instead of showing it to everyone on the forums, that way you can get it dealt with easier.
  8. Paul

    Holm's Store

    id say stupid people are more like poison spiders/wither skeletons, not everywhere, but really fucking annoying to deal with
  9. Paul

    Holm's Store

    dtt bases are nether fortresses, half of the area is broken and you probably will be quite disappointed when you finally get inside and find only iron horse armour in a chest
  10. i see your jewish instincts kicked in
  11. Paul

    Holm's Store

    holm no stop being like leafyishere, next you are going to hide your chin and then start dissing kids with disabilities
  12. Paul

    Holm's Store

    define worse, because if youd just think about the stuff you get from buying either cj, then yes rebellion is a very good cj for the price you pay for a new slot, but if you'd just look at the 2 cjs overall, then combat medic has more stuff, which should make it a better cj, and if you want to say rebellions better because combat medic has worse slot owners, then that's just 100% personal bias, because both cjs are good, its just different strokes for different folks, and no need to outright hate a job just because its owned by certain players. (you look bad and you should feel bad (angered man emoji))
  13. Paul

    Holm's Store

    can't believe @MadMan is a racist, wait, his name did use to be the german leader hitler, so that might explain it. also boney custom job is like literally dead, so how would you use a skeleton to kill people? #dontbuyacjbuymeenergydrinksinstead
  14. Paul

    Holm's Store

    yeah, still waiting on the job being renamed to Obama custom job, can't believe @Holm doesn't want to do it
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