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  1. Paul


    although i'm fine with most of your post, but the mental health care server (although it is a nice idea) isn't even related to CG, why is it being mentioned?
  2. Paul

    Logan's Store

    no he's not
  3. i dont like what you want me to do, so choose something completely else because i said so
  4. Paul


    11 Bumping - Do not bump threads unless you are a forum staff member.
  5. I wonder what that special project could be
  6. this is what happens when you are a lazy fuck @Holm REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. Paul

    trying to get CI

    still not better "1.4 Advertisement - You may not advertise yours or other people's goods/services on other people's threads."
  8. Paul


    yes bigflip kinda stinks but cool guy
  9. as i've heard said by some dumb fat idiot named @Jaz or whatever her name is idk dont care, "ALM is like if a house is on fire, and then people send firefighters to the house to stop the fire, you dont go screaming "oh all houses matter"" yeah ALM is an obvious thing that should be prioritized but in this case with the riots and shit because of something that happened to a black man, genuinely just a dick move imo
  10. holy jesus, thats fucking lit, marine too op
  11. Paul

    Kyra's Sanctuary

    why not just buy a slot from roast for 30 then
  12. Paul

    Selling boney

    ah then im just retarded
  13. Paul

    Selling boney

    i thought cbanned players lost their cj slots and are y'know banned from the forums aswell @Ice Cube correct me if im wrong
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