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  1. Although I haven't been on the server actively for a while, I still lurk on the forums and discord, and whenever I've seen bozos complaining or spamming or just being annoying assholes, @bigflip has always been there to remove these bad actors, and I am truly grateful for his activity and for being a splendid senior staff member. Besides our lord and saviour Jamie, I think bigflip is definitely in the top spot for my personal favorite senior staff due to how much of a nice guy he is and how he is doing his best to help out the community however he can.
  2. read your own fucking comment, "bozo".
  3. make up your mind, are you upset about people joking about the fact you never had a smokey slot and were pulling off this shit or not
  4. @GaBeN #AztecaSyou should learn something from this man
  5. Paul

    Selling Chaos Slot

    Forgot to add this, @bigflip lock the post please as I sold the slot.
  6. Selling IG Name: Paul Selling: Chaos slot Description: Info on what the job has and can do is available here: https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/16377-holms-store-chaos-custom-job-slots/ Price: 20 pounds (you pay fee) Payment method(s): PayPal Other comments: Looking to get rid of this quickly so that's why I'm selling it for cheap. Also please contact me on discord: amfetamiin#4224. Slots been sold.
  7. Paul

    Seed's shitty store

    do you have the website auto-translated to english? also he means make your post in english.
  8. Paul

    Seed's shitty store

    why is this post in whatever language is, what the fuck
  9. it's not bad, if someone were to spawn all of the printers that are available, you get 401k per hour (which goes up to about 500-600k if you fully upgrade it, haven't found an exact amount just an estimation), and as godofwar said if 5 people spawn a bitcoin rack each, you get over 5 mil an hour after the 2 hour mark, but if you spawn printers then you get about 2.5-3 mil an hour at most, which really proves that bitcoin is high risk but high reward, and if you combine printers and bitcoin you can get about 7.5-8 mil an hour, which means you can get 100 mil in less than 15 hours instead of the about 25 hours that you would have to print for, or the 20 hours with just bitcoin.
  10. Paul


    ok you shitter thats just bullshit, fuck you, im not shit at btd 6, you are the moron who takes forever to buy obyn and you buy fucking druids, you're just as bad as havoc, and the second part i dont care about gangs so fuck you
  11. Paul


    is this a grammatical mistake or have i been out of the loop as to what a god admin is, but if its the first case shame on you noseian i thought you wouldn't do shit like this. smh my head.
  12. Do you have CSS textures installed?
  13. avi made me go to brazil on siege, i hate him hes cool
  14. shut up its not my fault im incompetent