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  1. Paul

    Leevi's Store

    so youre telling me, hes selling slots for 30 pounds + the 25 pound slot creation fee? bit expensive
  2. Paul

    Jamie's Trading store

    only is staff for the money though :'( also when are you fixing bug
  3. Paul

    Eskimo's Store

    one song isnt a ep its a single but ngl the songs pretty nice
  4. i love the diguises on clout gamerinf m9k bitcoin
  5. who doesnt break a bit of rules every now and then, for example @Riph mass corner abused on sunday
  6. These 2 players show maximum dedication in their work, Ice is always professional when replying to ban appeals, or during sits, and is a very nice guy in-game and on the forums/discord. Venice has extreme knowledge of the rules, even if he can get a bit nitpicky at times (corner abuse still isnt a rule though), he always deals with his sits in a professional and efficient manner, Venice has shown massive improvements since becoming staff, and in my opinion is currently one of the nicest players on CG. @yo @Ice Cube
  7. ye you do a good job but you stop me from corner abusing
  8. Paul

    Selling Baldy[SOLD]

    shut up
  9. Paul

    Selling Baldy[SOLD]

    shut up
  10. Paul

    Selling Baldy[SOLD]

    hoes aint loyal :'(
  11. thats a lot of negative reputation you have, take a positive reaction. also yes venice is pretty good
  12. Paul

    Bonk's store

    discord nitro? or nitroglycerin or whatever it is called
  13. Paul

    William J

    smh, and i don't get reccomended even though me and fajitas let you farm midgets. 😤
  14. Paul

    Avionix's Hat Shop

    Can I sell hats here?
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