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  1. i see your jewish instincts kicked in
  2. Paul

    Holm's Store

    holm no stop being like leafyishere, next you are going to hide your chin and then start dissing kids with disabilities
  3. Paul

    Holm's Store

    define worse, because if youd just think about the stuff you get from buying either cj, then yes rebellion is a very good cj for the price you pay for a new slot, but if you'd just look at the 2 cjs overall, then combat medic has more stuff, which should make it a better cj, and if you want to say rebellions better because combat medic has worse slot owners, then that's just 100% personal bias, because both cjs are good, its just different strokes for different folks, and no need to outright hate a job just because its owned by certain players. (you look bad and you should feel bad (angered man emoji))
  4. Paul

    Holm's Store

    can't believe @MadMan is a racist, wait, his name did use to be the german leader hitler, so that might explain it. also boney custom job is like literally dead, so how would you use a skeleton to kill people? #dontbuyacjbuymeenergydrinksinstead
  5. Paul

    Holm's Store

    yeah, still waiting on the job being renamed to Obama custom job, can't believe @Holm doesn't want to do it
  6. i can sense the sarcasm, its not meant for experienced darkrp players, its meant for new players so they can know how to play on the server and not be confused.
  7. Paul

    Holm's Store

    spooder offered him a sloppy toppy, and holm being a 86 year old italian man with massive nationalist influences, agreed
  8. Paul

    Holm's Store

    did you just brofist us
  9. Paul

    Buying Baldy

    yeah that's your opinion, there is no objective best cj, as everyone has what they like and dislike about cjs
  10. Paul

    Leevi's Store

    i dont think you can buy an unban from forum, so watch out 👀
  11. it technically is, if you'd read the first paragraph you idot
  12. im guessing the links all say they are expired because you were banned from the server, or discords being idot
  13. Paul

    Rank sync guide

    What do I do if I connected through Steam by accident before integrating Steam, and now I can't connect this forums account with my steam account?
  14. Paul

    Leevi's Store

    so youre telling me, hes selling slots for 30 pounds + the 25 pound slot creation fee? bit expensive
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