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  1. Paul

    How to be an admin in Dark RP

    You didn't post in the right section, also you can apply here https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/forum/164-staff-applications/
  2. Paul

    Selling Rebellion Very Cheap

    the duck would you do, did you become a family friendly channel on youtube kids
  3. Paul


    I'm not sure but you might need to wait for a SA to set you to Mod and then you have to pass mentoring before you can start going OD.
  4. Paul

    Florian's Shop [Soldier]

    I have no fucking idea.
  5. Paul

    Florian's Shop [Soldier]

    He copied the rules of CG, and then chargebacked 100 pounds worth of shit from Roast.
  6. Paul

    Florian's Shop [Soldier]

    He's community banned, he can't sell you the slot. And also he can't put a dumb react on this. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Paul


    i never did trust @Riph, without his legs how could he be OD?
  8. Paul

    RzVibration's Store

    wait Susan has served in the army? how many medals does she have and does she have PTSD
  9. Paul

    Selling GMAN £35

    a golden chocobo from final fantasy 8 and a child slave on a minecraft darkrp server, for gamerboy plz
  10. Paul

    rip crog

  11. Paul


    What happens to your old gang? The owner needs to type check_gang "gang name" in console. Please note the gang name is in quotations " ". For example if your gang is called DOWN TOWN THUGS you will need to type in console check_gang "DOWN TOWN THUGS"
  12. Paul

    RzVibration's Store

  13. Paul

    Selling Exile

    Oh, happy birthday!
  14. Paul

    Sneeky Mans Murder Shop

    no not yours i want DC's grandpa
  15. Paul

    Sneeky Mans Murder Shop

    i would like to buy your grandpa mr.