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  1. Springate fucking rules. Love this dude what an awesome fella
  2. Honestly @OhSweetMurder is one of the most fucking awesome lads there is
  3. @TobiLuvsHuskys is absolutely awesome, very proud of this dude. You're consistently a good, reliable, helpful and kind staff member. You're the sort of person that gives staffing a good name.
  4. Tobi is an absolutely wonderful person, always being such a lovely guy.
  5. Very nice guy, awesome to talk to, very cool.
  6. Thank you very much @Resnov, this was lovely to wake up and see. Extremely appreciated ❤️ You're a lovely dude, you do a wonderful job, and you'll go far. I know it. Thanks for always being such a great guy.
  7. Thank you man, really kind of you to say. You're a joy to interact with ^^
  8. Sylla is an amazing person, always helpful and kind and one of the best dudes I know. Love ya sylla.
  9. Thank you very much 7ambolah!! You're much, much cooler though. And we both know that!
  10. This is very well thought out, well done Zuma! Very proud of you!
  11. Hera is utterly amazing.
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