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  1. Thank you man, really kind of you to say. You're a joy to interact with ^^
  2. Sylla is an amazing person, always helpful and kind and one of the best dudes I know. Love ya sylla.
  3. Thank you very much 7ambolah!! You're much, much cooler though. And we both know that!
  4. This is very well thought out, well done Zuma! Very proud of you!
  5. Hera is utterly amazing.
  6. Damn, thanks man ❤️ First time being called sexy. This is nice.
  7. I dont know what I ever did to toast hater and mook, damn ? Thank you all very much to everybody else though, you're all awesome and that's a fact. Undeniable. I better not see any denial >;o
  8. Hell yeah, jack is a bloody awesome lad and I can't wait to see him grow as a staff member.
  9. Absolutely agreed, DXN is a bloody awesome individual. And hell no Greywind, you ain't bad Appreciate the mention ❤️
  10. Thank you so very much you guys! You're gonna melt my heart goddamn. You are all so nice! It's a pleasure with all of you, and I cannot thank you enough for these kind words. In a time where I'm feeling a little down and stressed (Duck was run over, cat may have cancer, general other life stress) these words were really, really lovely to read.
  11. Thank you so much psychic! You were awesome and a great lad to take reports from.
  12. +support Greywind and Dxn are bloody awesome!
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