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  4. Rica really copied holms template and then put his own stupid copyright on it.
  5. I doubt these people would do that! They are the kindest people on the server and cause no issues! I up the bid too £800!
  6. Selling IG Name: Relly Selling: Full Abomination ownership Description: PRIVATE (literally 1 slot) Criminal cj Price: Dm me with Offers Either on here or discord: Relly#1705 Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: This is what Abomination includes Abilities: mug, raid pd and bank Weapons: Half-life 2 Pistol Sweps: Hackphone Armour: 100 Sold
  7. I cannot show higher team but he calls us names and bullies us Bigflip makes us work and if we don't we have forced to watch his terrible csgo games. Please send help
  8. Profile signed by Skyfie darkrp a+ need ✌️

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    Marine Giveaway!

    Thanks baby (rig it for me too)
  10. Thank god i paid for it to be rigged
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    OoO's OoO

    yes. please.
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    wheres the dark mode option
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