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what does a token generator do?

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27 minutes ago, JEFF42 said:

never seen or heard about it until vilvo made a bug report.

it’s to do with linking your game to the cg discord, so that your rank in game correlates to the rank in discord (if you have it linked and i’ve ult vip you’re able to !checkrank in bots and it’ll give you ur rank)

oh yes as @amfetamiinsaid above

literally posted it at the same time lmao

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3 hours ago, Scab said:

Jeff mate are you on drugs agian?



1 hour ago, jihad kekistani said:

You do !daily in-game, afterwards click on the bottom right Discord button and press "Generate Token" button. Afterwards, pm wilbot
 privately in discord DMs with !help and use whichever command you need with your discord token.

Then if you need to confirm your rank, simply do !rank in discord #bots channel.

cool explanation

thanks everyone

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