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  1. Selling IG Name:TheMadSpyCrab Selling:Chief Inspector Description: Features: 175 Armor £200 salary PD keys Sweps: Camo swep Bhop Swep Climb Swep Magic Sword Police Shield Disguise kit Stunstick Weapon checker Arrest/unarrest stick Battering ram Weapons: G36 AWP Ithaca M37 Price: Can talk about price DM Me on discord TheMadSpyCrab#2455 Payment method(s)Paypal Other comments: N/A
  2. No sorry im keeping it at 30
  3. IG Name: TheMadSpyCrab Selling: Blaze Description: It has a lot of guns (best weapons in the game), entities, sweps and abilities. You can base and raid with anyone. Can be hired as a guard. Price: N/A Payment method(s) PayPal Only Other comments: Cheap so you should buy yes thanks ❤️ Either reply on this topic or can message me on discord. Discord: TheMadSpyCrab#2455
  4. I didn’t have a problem buying the slot off of sneaky man, Twas a swift and easy process so I doubt there would be any shady stuff going on and rather just an error somewhere along the way 😕
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