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  1. this cj gonna be famous yes
  2. That's gonna be lit, I love the green color yes
  3. Currently im looking for a CJ with IGM/Paypal If you have a CJ that u are selling, please DM me on discord! Also, I can pay 30 pounds only (ye ik im poor)
  4. Updated: Boney are now up for sale! PM me on discord lenny#2811 if interested! SOLD
  5. The material are not missing, it sometimes are missing on material list. https://gyazo.com/6bf9173ced1e846c9703a1079ff2c34c
  6. I like your store, nice design, good luck to your store! Nice guy
  7. If you pay fee, that would be great. Sad, I can't buy it for igm because the fee...
  8. Can I talk to you @dylhebbz changed my verdict for not going to buy for now
  9. how many times you going to enlarge the picture/screenshot?
  10. lenny is lenny


    just make the template man. Good luck to your store! 😉
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