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  1. another giveaway? damn
  2. smallflip doing giveaway damn, imma join it
  3. this making me want to buy boney now
  4. ✞ Great News ✞ For now, Exile are up for sale! Feel free to discuss the price. Message me on discord lenny#2811 #I only accept Paypal Not IGM
  5. Oh he bought a custom job and got banned? Sad
  6. @BobZy you might have a business here
  7. I think some other people don't need to bind the key for bhopping, you just have to scroll up/down to switch bhop/climb swep.
  8. >Announcement> Since I left the community, The store will be OPEN as long as possible.
  9. >Announcement> Lowered Gman Prices Gman = from 35 to 30