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  1. ╔═══════════════════╗ Selling IG Name: xDraken Selling: Obama custom job Description: Pm me, @Guy Incognito or @commiesquirrel on discord xDraken#0001 / Mythrull#4353 / 『commie squirrel』 #7418 Price: N/A Payment method(s): PayPal only ╚═══════════════════╝ Obama custom job Custom job ownership Partnership between @xDraken, @Guy Incognito, and @commiesquirrel Description Obama custom job will have a lot of weapons, SWEPs and abilities for any kind of need of the player Raid and base with anyone (Except bank, will be added asap) Weapons: Famas, SL8 SWEPS: Bhop, ClimbSWEP Abilities: Grow Weed, Spawn Armor charger, Can raid PD, Can mug for a maximum of 10000£, Can kidnap, 100 of armor Price N/A£ © 2020 Holm ® All Rights Reserved.
  2. Nice store man, good luck
  3. xDraken


    Turtle is a bozo and i’m joking don’t kill me turtle
  4. @NoT_eNgLiSh a dedicated member of the staff, always do his work very politely and the best way he can. Everytime i was online, he was OD handling reports, good job man, keep it up!
  5. Thank you I really appreciate what you wrote, you made my day!
  6. Of course yes! I don't think it's a good thing trying to fool us.
  7. I agree with @NoT_eNgLiSh how could you forget about this server in 2 days? I don't belive what you're saying and i think this is just a thing to get easy money on the server. And in 2 months i find it impossible to lose 39 mil, there were no issues, no one lost his money! Have a nice day.
  8. xDraken

    Am missing Tokens

    Please, note that this is not “Unban appeal” section, if you would like to be unbanned then go there, even if i think that after this you litteraly won’t get unbanned, as @Zeenz said, it’s immature!
  9. Got boney yessssssss
  10. I have to say that @hnood190 is one of the best admins on the server, hardworking, a perfect knowledge of the rules, kind man, funny and always on good mood, an insane admin! Also a good mentor for every new staff member, i recommend him!
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