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  1. A farewell post means not coming on the forums, discord or server, you know that right?

  2. xDraken

    skill bug

    I suggest you to post this on bug report
  3. My mentee, I knew he would do a great job!!! Anyways, he’s a good mod and I think that he could do even better as admin
  4. It's common sense not to demote to gain advantage/possibility to switch to that specific job and other things, no need for a rule about it to be honest
  5. I agree on everything that has been said above, he definitely deserves it!
  6. xDraken


    Yes, @Roby is a great staff member, he's doing a good job!
  7. Thanks for the kind words, makes going on duty a lot more enjoyable
  8. nice store, good luck on selling that!
  9. I had many interactions with him, he's a good lad
  10. xDraken

    Selling Blaze

    You could simply edit your other post instead of making a new one
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