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  1. Mr. Venom

    Selling boney

    IG Name: Mr Venom Selling: Boney Price: £30 you pay fee Payment method: Paypal only
  2. LoggyDogDogTV, Turtle, Ice Cube, xDraken (my love), HenryG101, Blanice, GaBeN, hnood190, Henry G. Song that i dedicate to those staffers: (please read: i hope no staffer feels bad because he isnt in this list, all of you is important and does a nice job!!)
  3. Mr. Venom

    fake's Store

  4. The Pietro liked the SPAS and the G36 😢👨🏻‍🦲
  5. wdym, you cant create new accounts, you must use steam i tried to log from the phone and it made me create dat account but with same steam, dunno is still 30£
  6. IG Name: Gabbyano Selling: Rebellion Description: Rebellion is a pretty good CJ with loads of weapons, its one of the best CJ for making money as you can make meth weed printers and moonshine. Price: 25 20 Pounds including the fee. The prize isnt negotiable Payment method(s): Paypal only
  7. BigGothGirl is really friendly, gentle and pantience 😄
  8. EHS nosound Venice is doing a great job! He is always on duty and know the rules pretty well!!! 👻
  9. LoggyDogDog recognized (thanks god) that a guy was abusing the warns, following me and giving warnings, the same guy sent him a video to make me jail for rdm (because he kept following me and warning for a second time), in the video it showed he was following me as i said in the previous report i made to him, i recommend @LoggyDogDog cause he has been fair in the punishments, now the guy is banned for ltap. 🙂
  10. This guy doesnt know the rules, he said a guy was right to kill me (doing RDM) because i was trapping him (even if i was putting it on me to see how it was but oke) calling it "Self Defence", i'm really horrificate by seeing this guy in the staff... What about the other staff? Is nice 😍. Horrified, sorry if Pietro got a bad grammar.
  11. Commodore 64 is a fair staff and a honest guy so i think he deserve the admin title
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