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  1. 15inb

    Micspamming is illegal

    Jokes on you I don’t give a shit 😎
  2. 15inb

    Micspamming is illegal

    “WAH WAH I got arrested because I’m mic spamming OH NO I must spend 120 seconds of my precious time in a jail cell in a game PLEASE NO. I’m reporting you to Wilton! You will pay for this.“ -Paineddexth, 2021. I’m gonna go into PD and start mic spamming German marching songs and then complain when they arrest me.
  3. 15inb

    Micspamming is illegal

    Use Spotify, no one wants to hear you mic spam Erika at 5000% volume.
  4. 15inb


    that one amongus guy?
  5. 15inb

    Mod rank on forums.

    thanks james, lover of 21 pilots.
  6. 15inb


    nig gang will win this slot btw
  7. 15inb

    Token Store

    Go for the sweps, bhop, climb and magic sword. Really nice to have
  8. I prefer the guns that take no skill what so ever and kill everything they touch, good thing for me is that is every single gun I touch because I am a NIG gang member. NIG gang rise up
  9. @Mortimer you're pretty good at math lol
  10. 15inb


    How do you mix up 126 and 840
  11. https://scp-foundation-rblx.fandom.com/wiki/Brief_Description_of_the_Chaos_Insurgency cringe
  12. 15inb

    Weapons TGA Files

    Video still may be processing. Before you do anything you'll need to have VTFEdit and something that can edit .tga files (photoshop works well for it) I also didn't explain very well how to get the gmad extractor (What made it from the normal addon file to a folder) just go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin and it should be in there, if it's not in there verify game cache then check again.
  13. 15inb

    Weapons TGA Files

    I'll make a tutorial video on how to get the .tga files xoxo Join the cave?
  14. That is literally job abuse, i'm assuming you switched to parkour to get up somewhere then you switched back to your other job
  15. You have to wait for the crate to open before closing it, it's a known bug and hopefully there's a fix in the future