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  1. :)))))))))))))))))))))))
  2. Over the past few days ive had a couple of offers for Steven so i wanted to make this public, and also vent my frustration a bit. @Dragos587 bought a blaze slot two months ago, and still hasn't recived it, and i also lost mine. My talk with @roastcan literally be summed up by a single reply every week, and he has just left the conversation after i got angry at him after not replying for 2 weeks. I have gained literally 0 information 2 MONTHS on. Basically, we are both fucked My store will be shutting down until this situation gets sorted, i do not believe he should get any more transfer money until he fixes it
  3. 1.2 million? what a steal!
  4. Lol wasn't expecting this. Basically i had 5 baldy slots and then realised that i wasn't playing CG almost at all so i decided to sell all but one. I sold em all the various people without problem. You were the second last person i sold it too. I then sold my 4th slot to another guy and he got it fine. The problem is you never got a slot and i don't have mine anymore, so basically 2 slots have vanished. I have made a habit of recording when and who i sell CJ's too so i know i should have 2 baldy slots. Been in contact with roast for a while, though it takes a while. I'm just waiting to see if he has logs of CJ transactions so i can compare it too mine and go from their. Very sorry about the wait, but there is not much i can do 😕 Your right to be suspicious, but you probably should of contacted someone on the discord directly. and uhhhh try not to dox peeps names
  5. booooooooldy sold buy my steven slots
  6. Well i have multiple baldy slots, and im saving my steven slot for a friend.
  7. no one hates you, we just don't like your suggestion : P
  8. @The Ghost bit immature to mass demote my store after i -support your suggestion...
  9. :doubt: (pls dont demote me ice cube <3)
  10. I had this issue too. Instead of using steam login try the normal login (display name and password) if you cannot login that way try reseting your password. When you are next on your pc go to login and select forgot my password. It will then ask for a email, enter the email you signed up with. Go to your email and there will be a email from CG with instructions to change your password. Do this on PC as when i tried on mobile it didnt work. Hope this helped.
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