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  1. booooooooldy sold buy my steven slots
  2. Sneeky Man

    Holm's Store

    wait... was this not a thing...?
  3. Well i have multiple baldy slots, and im saving my steven slot for a friend.
  4. no one hates you, we just don't like your suggestion : P
  5. @The Ghost bit immature to mass demote my store after i -support your suggestion...
  6. :doubt: (pls dont demote me ice cube <3)
  7. Or @Toast is selling his exile for £30
  8. I had this issue too. Instead of using steam login try the normal login (display name and password) if you cannot login that way try reseting your password. When you are next on your pc go to login and select forgot my password. It will then ask for a email, enter the email you signed up with. Go to your email and there will be a email from CG with instructions to change your password. Do this on PC as when i tried on mobile it didnt work. Hope this helped.
  9. Store Update: Event is over Prices fixed at £35 Added Steven Added Exile Barret M82 added to Baldy
  10. Sexy store, might buy
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