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  1. Sneeky Man

    Not Selling

    Uhhhhh......ok..... i guess?
  2. Sneeky Man

    Sneeky Mans Murder Shop

    Store Updated: "m9k_tar21" was added to baldy Sold to @Danistöö No more slots for sale
  3. Sneeky Man

    Sneeky Mans Murder Shop

    Store Updated: Reduced Price uwu "m9k_mp5sd" and "weapon_fists" were added to baldy
  4. Sneeky Man

    Animated profile picture.

    @Poncho_ made a guide about which might help you. https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/18776-how-to-make-gif-avatars/
  5. Sneeky Man

    Bank Transfer needed

    @Noseian does that i believe. https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/20058-exchange-service/
  6. Sneeky Man

    ICE CUBE for Admin+

    "you are my property, bitch" -Ice Cube 2019 CG | EHS l Ice Cube(STEAM_0:0:79610726) has jailed PowerPoint (STEAM_0:0:502296198) for 10000 minutes with reason: .. "killing other people isnt illegal" Ice Cube – 2019 Such a minge. plz ban Seriously though, he should get admin+, but just wait the 3 months
  7. Sneeky Man

    Sneeky Mans Murder Shop

    IG Name: Sneeky Man Selling: Sold Price: Sold Payment methods: PayPal Only Other comments: For details/questions, message me on discord Sneeky Man#6770 Baldy Slots —————————— What will you get? —————————— • A customized job with complete suit of money-making jobs. • Most practical and powerful weapons for basing/raiding • Unique player model/color Description Refugee002 hl2 player model Can base and raid with everyone Weapons: Ithacam37 Shotgun, Double barrel Shotgun, USAS Shotgun, SVD Dragunov Sniper, HK SL8 Automatic Sniper, Tar21 Assault Rifle, G36 Assault Rifle, Val Assault Rifle, M14 EBR rifle, MP5SD SMG, Minigun, M60 Machine gun, IED detonator SWEPS: Magic Sword, 100 Armor, Climb Swep 2, Bhop Swep, Hackphone, Camo, Unarrest baton, Disguise, Police shield, lockpick, Medkit, Fists Abilities: DJ equipment, Create Bitcoins, 'Special arms dealer' equipment, Spawn armor charger, 'Meth Cook' Equipment, Brew Moonshine, Grow Weed, Take Hits, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on streets, Can be hired as a guard Price: Sold Special thanks to @Holm for letting me use his template
  8. Sneeky Man


    @XxGolemGamerxX use template please I recommend copying: Buying IG Name: SGG Konstans Buying: Rebellion Description: Looking to buy a rebellion slot Looking to pay: 100 - 150 mill Payment method(s) IGM Other comments: (could add discord here to pm you) (also I recommend including whether you or the seller is paying £5 fee) Also I would change your title to something like "Buying Rebellion Slot for IGM" or something like that. Thanks
  9. Sneeky Man

    DTT Luigi/ OscarGamez

    @OscarGamez is a OD bot lmao. Keep up the good work, I know I don't do any XD Seriously he needs some sleep, not 3am OD.
  10. Sneeky Man

    Please help me

    Guides is about sharing your knowledge with others. Next time please post in help.
  11. Sneeky Man

    Selling Crafted Weapons

    IG Name: FBI Sneeky Man Selling: RPG, Ares Shrike, Honey Badger Description: They are rare crafted weapons Price: PM me for a price Payment method(s) IGM Other comments: Discord: Sneeky Man#6770
  12. Sneeky Man

    Selling Rebellion

    @Officer Bob U pay him, he does the fee and fills out a form. You will get rebellion next custom job restart which is everyweek.
  13. Sneeky Man


    @DC is a turd. He got me false banned. JK Lmao. But marvel is better. Justice league was shit. @DC is good but Marvel > DC. Its a fact. Go see endgame
  14. Sneeky Man

    Buying Rebellon/Gman

    On my post buying rebellion and gman, I bought baldy off @Holm Not buying anymore btw.
  15. Sneeky Man

    Buying Rebellon/Gman

    Buying IG Name: Sneeky Man Buying: Rebellion/GMAN Description: I want to buy rebellion or GMAN Looking to pay: 20 for Rebellion(including fee), 30 for GMAN (including fee) Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: Yeah I know the prices are low but im willing to wait. And im only buying one of the 2. message me. Negotiable prices but not by much