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  1. Sneeky Man

    Selling Crafted Weapons

    IG Name: FBI Sneeky Man Selling: RPG, Ares Shrike, Honey Badger Description: They are rare crafted weapons Price: PM me for a price Payment method(s) IGM Other comments: Discord: Sneeky Man#6770
  2. Sneeky Man

    Selling Rebellion

    @Officer Bob U pay him, he does the fee and fills out a form. You will get rebellion next custom job restart which is everyweek.
  3. Sneeky Man


    @DC is a turd. He got me false banned. JK Lmao. But marvel is better. Justice league was shit. @DC is good but Marvel > DC. Its a fact. Go see endgame
  4. Sneeky Man

    Buying Rebellon/Gman

    On my post buying rebellion and gman, I bought baldy off @Holm Not buying anymore btw.
  5. Sneeky Man

    Buying Rebellon/Gman

    Buying IG Name: Sneeky Man Buying: Rebellion/GMAN Description: I want to buy rebellion or GMAN Looking to pay: 20 for Rebellion(including fee), 30 for GMAN (including fee) Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: Yeah I know the prices are low but im willing to wait. And im only buying one of the 2. message me. Negotiable prices but not by much