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  1. Craig has a sexy butt

  2. I bought(ByReaper payed for it) that back when i owned puffer.. Roast never updated the cj Rules post though
  3. so Profile, Much Boney

  4. +support

  5. think u should shoot him a PM on forums with a screenshot of the paypal transfer, and explaining your situation + the correct SteamID
  6. Rebellion You may base and raid with anyone. You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £10000. You may not enforce the law. You may build on the street. You are allowed to kidnap anyone apart from government officials. You may raid the PD. this is the post for CJ rules, also linked to, in the rules & MOTD ingame.
  7. posted in 2015, and still he havent gotten to the screenshots yet 🙄
  8. immersel is admin/staff? 🤔
  9. Baumann

    Coinflip Binds.

    Amazing, didnt Even know this, thanks ❤️
  10. i need someone to bump this. any forum forum staff here?! (11 Bumping - Do not bump threads unless you are a forum staff member.)
  11. Baumann

    Inv reset thingy

    Im still waiting for getting our stuff back too.
  12. Added Ability to build on the street
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