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  1. I suppose she's alright when she's not making me fear for my life with her signs... In all seriousness, really good Admin. Hope she stays on the team for a while!
  2. Jaz


    He always comes on duty when needed and also loves helping the community out. A very good addition to the staff team, in my opinion.
  3. I recommend reading the requirements before you apply for staff again.
  4. I used http://fragplays.com/gmod-textures/. It’s super easy and they have a youtube tutorial if you need a step by step guide. The video will be on the page when you open the link.
  5. Jaz


    Thank you so much. I am really thankful that people think I'm doing a great job.
  6. Jaz

    Riph and Jaz

    Thank you! It is much appreciated. I honestly love the community so I’m happy to help out.
  7. Jaz


    Yeah, going from what Paul said you have to pass mentoring before you can go OD. When you have your rank contact a Mentor in-game or on Discord. But, as I said before, please be patient as the SA’s may be busy.
  8. Jaz


    Please be patient. When did you buy it?
  9. Jaz


    Be patient and wait for people to reply and remember to respect whatever decision is made. Also, try not to rush into things.
  10. Good staff member but it would be unfair to give him Admin+ without waiting the 3 months. Also considering that he can use the 3 months to gain more experience.
  11. Jaz


    Should have asked for three.
  12. Jaz


    @squidward what was your OD time last week? *cough* 😉 Seriously though, great staff member. #SquidForAdmin+
  13. Jaz


    Actually, I do. You just dont see me off duty. 😁
  14. Jaz


    Thanks @Mr KetchupMan 😁 Also, believe it or not guys, a guy can compliment a girl without actually liking her.
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